5 Reasons Why to Drink Honey Lemon Water Early in the Morning

The effect of honey on human health as well as beauty is very much. Honey in the morning helps to increase skin beauty and health, which has been trusted by many women.

Warm water, honey and lemon are excellent drink mixes. In addition to calming stomach pains and providing freshness to the skin, this drink has many other uses that you do not know yet.

5 reasons why to drink lemon juice in the early morning with honey.

1. Honey helps support digestion very well

Fresh lemon juice and honey help remove toxins from the stomach. If you eat too much or eat fatty grease the day before, this drink will help you clean the stomach.

Lemon contains minerals and vitamins that help the liver produce bile that supports digestion. Warm lemon juice is good for intestinal contractions and is recommended by the American Cancer Society.

2. Honey is a drink detoxification, diuretic

This drink not only benefits the digestive system, but is also known as a diuretic. It helps the urinary tract to be clean and healthy.

3. Fresh breath

This is the most natural drink to help smells of the oral cavity after a long night of sleep. Honey and lemon water not only refreshes you in the morning, but also helps kill harmful bacteria in the oral cavity.

4. Honey honey for smooth skin

This drink helps to reduce facial oil, prevent acne. Use a mixture of warm water, honey, lemon often, the skin will be beautiful and smooth to see.

5. Honey boosts the immune system

This drink strengthens the immune system and is a good remedy against flu, especially in the cold season. Not only because lemon and honey have anti-bacterial properties, they are also effective antioxidants and rich in vitamin C for the body.

The time to use warm water, lemon, honey mix is ​​best in the morning, before eating or before brushing.

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