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5 Ways to Overcome Anxiety / Anger without Medication

If you feel that anger is present in your daily life more than you would like, chances are you have also looked for ways to solve it. Unfortunately one of the most recurrent is usually the intake of drugs that away from treating the problem are responsible for minimizing the symptoms.

In view of this situation, today we share with you 5 effective ways of dealing with anger without having to resort to medication.

1. Write a List of ReasonsWrite a List of Reasons

Often, we get angry for a few minutes and then it happens to us. In other circumstances, anger lasts longer. To begin to transform the anger it is useful to identify what are the reasons why we get angry.

What triggered the anger? Who was involved in the situation? Could it be that you have felt tired? Hungry maybe? Observing our motives in paper makes us see them in perspective and begin to take real dimension of anger .

2. Use your LegsUse your Legs

As soon as you see that the anger is beginning to appear, do not wait for it to overflow. Change the subject or just apologize and leave the room. While this is not the most appropriate way to resolve the conflict within us, it is a good strategy to implement in the beginning.

3. Learn to Calm DownLearn to Calm Down

Once you have left the room use those minutes to calm you down. Now, if you already feel that you can stay in the place without exploding in anger, do it. Instead of reacting with words to the situation you dislike, take a deep breath .

Oxygenating the brain will make you feel calmer and less defensive. Once you feel more serene you can either continue the conversation or talk to the person with whom you disagree but already from a place of greater calm and good predisposition .

4. Look for the Source of Anger moments of anger

Once we have found a serenity in those moments of anger it is time to reflect deeply on them. The most effective way to transcend anger is ultimately to find its true origin .

With simple questions like how I would have liked the situation to unfold? I’m trying to be right? Why? And above all for what? and for whom? you will be able to guide yourself until you find the true cause that sparked anger.

5. Think AlternativesThink Alternatives

There are always new and better alternatives. While you can not alter an event from the past, you can choose how to react in the future .

Then think about how you would like to act the next time you find yourself facing an angry situation . Imagine the sensations and even the words that you would like to use. This way you can visualize the fact that there are actually more peaceful options that allow you to be in harmony with yourself and with those around you .

Instead of wanting to change the thinking or action of others, think about how you can do to change a situation of anger , disgusting and annoying. The probe within us will be the key that will open the way somewhat greater peace as greater self – knowledge.