7 Interesting Facts About Ovulation in Women

Couples trying to conceive should know about ovulation in women. Those who do not want to have children also need to know about this moment for contraception. Here are some interesting facts about ovulation.

When to ovulate?

According to WebMD, if your menstrual cycle lasts from 28-32 days, ovulation may be between 11-21 days of the menstrual cycle. At this time, the egg is considered the most mature, luteinizing hormone (LH) increased, stimulate the release of eggs. At the same time, the cervical mucus is also more slippery than sperm to the egg to help more easily.

Eggs survive for long?

According Boldsky, women right from birth have about 1-2 million eggs in the body, but only about 300-400 loss throughout life results. Usually every month they drop an egg. The eggs will fall down a fallopian tube, a tube for two ovaries to the uterus. It only exists in about 6-12 hours.

Meanwhile, the sperm cells can survive for 3-5 days after the body enters the woman. If fertilization does not occur during this time, the eggs will be thawed, the uterine lining thickens and is excreted in the monthly menstrual cycle.

The Pill can prevent ovulation

According to Buzz Feed, the hormones in birth control pills such as estrogens, progestins retention of eggs in the ovaries. Women can Inhaler emergency contraceptive to delay ovulation to prevent conception.

Ovulation can be painful

Usually people do not feel anything when you ovulate, but in some women, it can cause mild lower abdominal pain. This happens when the ovarian follicles (egg sacs) broke out when you ovulate.

The mucus in the cervix to rise

When close to ovulation, cervical mucus production begins to occur conception easier. The color and consistency of the mucus also closely related to the fertility of the woman.

When mucus secretion is not much on the time of ovulation, low fertility, the mucus is creamy white or opaque, higher fertility, when it has color and elasticity egg white, fertility the women at the highest level.

Women look more attractive

During ovulation, women tend to look more attractive, the voice may also change, high-pitched than usual. Women also feel increased libido in a few days before ovulation. Many studies show that it is due to the hormone estrogen in the body increases the woman, the dominant mood, feelings of it.

Increased body temperature

Body temperature of women increased slightly when you ovulate. This is because the body releases an egg will be stimulated progesterone, hormones cause the body temperature rose slightly.

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