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A Giant Magmatic Lake Discovered Under Uturuncu Volcano In Bolivia

Water tanks with a volume of 1.5 km3, 15 km deep under the volcano Uturuncu, Bolivia can conduct electricity and trigger volcanic eruptions.
The team from the University of Bristol, UK have discovered a reservoir 15 km deep under the volcano Uturuncu, Bolivia, Science Alerthom 9/11 reported.

After thorough examination, they concluded in the tank volume of 1.5 km3 of water, equivalent to the amount of water in Lake Superior, the deepest lake and largest of the Great Lakes in North America and the third largest in the world.

Pools are named lava Altiplano-Puna has temperatures up to 1000 degrees C and mixed with molten rock. It can make easy erupting volcano. In addition, the Altiplano-Puna lava can conduct electricity and it seems that the geological waves move more slowly, unlike lava surrounding parts are not mixed with water.

To find out its activities, the team has taken the 500,000-year-old rocks ejected by the volcano mixed with water in a laboratory in the same environment environment under the Earth’s surface 15 km. They calculated that about 8-10% water soluble silicate melt.

Landscape showing the Uturuncu volcano Michael Sayles/Alamy Stock Photo

Landscape showing the Uturuncu volcano
Michael Sayles/Alamy Stock Photo

“10% of the volume of water soluble molecule that is a combination of three water molecules silicate. This is unusually large water helps explain why, very good electrical conductivity of silicate liquid, “said Fabrice Gaillard, from the University of Orleans, France.

The researchers can not explain the role of electrical conductivity as well as its impact to the volcanic eruption. They are planning to investigate whether this abnormal electrical conductivity can be a sign of secret cistern beneath the huge volcanic another. If this is accurate, the researchers hope to find ways of making their volcanic eruptions to predict volcanic eruptions time more accurately.

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