10 Things you shouldn’t do after a Breakup!

A breakup is not easy to face. It represents a great change, so it can cause anxiety and fear. You should know that it is completely normal to feel sad and not wanting anything after an episode like this. To get over it faster, you have to make sure you don’t make these mistakes .

# 1 Do not take it out on yourself

It is common to blame yourself for the end of the relationship, especially if it was your ex-partner who decided to end it. But recriminating your mistakes does not bring anything good. It is best to accept the decision of the other person and focus on the present and not the past.

# 2 Do not isolate yourself

Another frequent mistake is wanting to stay indoors all day and not talking to anyone. However, it will be easier to overcome the process in the company of your loved ones.

# 3 Keep in touch

If it was you who decided to end the relationship and keep in touch with your ex-partner, you can make it harder for that person to accept that it is over.

If it is the opposite case and you keep in touch, you can cause yourself even more damage. In case you wish to remain friends, it will be better to let some time pass before resuming communication.

# 4 Hurry to a new relationship

It is best to give yourself time to heal the break before venturing into another relationship. Otherwise, you could end up in a harmful relationship or hurt the other person.

# 5 Don’t hold on to memories

It is very unhealthy to store the photos and gifts that person gave you, because they make you can not forget your ex-partner. Discard or donate everything that reminds you of that man or woman, in order to close the cycle.

# 6 Use blackmail

Ending someone can cause despair, but blackmailing your ex-partner to return with you will only harm both of you. It is best to accept their decisions and move on.

# 7 Don’t stay with resentment

You are likely to feel angry after the breakup, but that will not take you anywhere. It is better to keep the good times and remember that stage of your life with love.

# 8 Do not relapse

If they are convinced that theirs has no solution and it is best to finish, it is recommended that they do not try to return, so that separation is not even more difficult.

# 9 Don’t try to make him jealous

The saying “one nail takes out another nail” is not as effective as you think. It can actually cause confusion, in addition to hurting you, your ex-partner and the other person.

# 10 Don’t stop thinking about yourself

Whether or not you are in a relationship, the most important thing is you. Focusing on you and your projects will help you get ahead and grow as a person. You can change your look or learn something new. It’s never too late!

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