After Karan Johar, Aanand L.Rai falls out with Kangana Ranaut

Filmmaker Karan Johar and actress Kangana Ranaut are getting increasingly tarnished. At the beginning of this week, Karan Johar had said differently from a program at the London School of Economics that Kangna probably does not understand the meaning of brother-niece.

He also said that Kangana plays female and victim card. Karan also said that if he is having more problems in Bollywood then he should leave Bollywood. Karan Johar made this pungent assault on his commentary on Kangana on February 19 in which he described Karan as the flag-bearer of nephew-nepotism.

Along with this, Kangana accused Karan of acting like a ‘movie-mafia‘ in that show.

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Now once again answering Karan Johar, Kangana has targeted. Kangana said in the interview to the Mumbai Mirror, “I can not say anything on the understanding of Karan Johar’s brother-nephewism. If he thinks that nephews, daughters and cousins ​​have been stopped, then I have nothing to say. But he says that he has not chosen me for work, then he has to scold an artist. “

Kangna took aggressive aggression and said, “Interestingly, his condition is very weak because we worked together in a movie called ‘Agli’. He was the producer of this film. At the same time we realized that our sensitivity does not match. “

Kangna-Hrithik quarrel, and got entangled?

Kangna-Hrithik quarrel

Kangna-Hrithik quarrel

Kangna said, “I do not even understand that they gave me a chance in my show. Earlier, I have met many global platforms. Karan said that he gave me a chance to keep my mind. By saying this, he has ignored an artist and a public personality. He invited me to the show for the fifth season. His team requested my team to join the show months before the show. “

Kangna said, “Karan Johar is insulting a woman because she is a woman. What did they say about female and victim card? This kind of thing is for women to judge less. “

This actress said, ‘It is quite offensive. No Wimbledon champion can be won by women card or no Olympic medal can win nor anyone can get national honor. Even you can not get any job from this. A female card can get a seat in a crowded bus for a pregnant woman. “

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Kangana, using harsh words for Karan said, “Women card can be used in a situation of danger. In the same way, I can give examples of my sister rangoli in the suffering card. She is a acid attack victim. He can use this card while fighting in court. “

Kangana, using harsh words for Karan

Kangana, using harsh words for Karan

He said, ‘I use every possible card. I use the confidence card to compete in the competition. I use Love Cards between my friends. I use the limit card to fight the world and I use the female card to take the seat in the bus.

Kangna surrounded Karan and said, “There is a need to understand here that we are not fighting people, but we are fighting with a mentality. I am not fighting Karan Johar but I am fighting against male domination. “

Kangna said, “Now Karan Johar is the father of a daughter. They should give him every card. Women cards and victim cards should be given to self-made women’s cards and self confidence cards which I showed them in their show, all they should give. I use every necessary card to interrupt my path. “

He said,“I am a little surprised at his kindness in which he has said that he showed the show with me without editing. If it does not, then I would blacklist that channel. They should also remember that the channels want TRPs and they get money to host them. “

Kangna said, “He should also remember that the Indian film industry is not a small studio as his father had given him in the twentieth century. She was like a small particle. This industry is for all Indians. This industry is also for outsiders like me, whose parents are poor and they train me. “

He said, “I learned work here and got money for it. I used to use these money to educate myself in New York. No one can tell me to get out of here Mr. Karan Johar I am not going anywhere from here.”

News Source: BBC.Com

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