Alexander The Great Famous Last Words

On the triumphal way after conquering many countries, in 323 BC Alexander the Great fell ill. At that moment he realised that death was near and he was not able to return to his homeland. The land he captured, the mighty army, the swords, wealth all no longer mean anything.

He called the troops and said, “I’m about to leave the world. I have three wishes and you follow it . “ The generals chanted in tears.

Alexander The Great Famous Last Words

Alexander The Great Famous Last Words

The last wish of Alexander the Great

Alexander ‘s last wishes at death. Lord Alexander the Great summoned the imperial mandarins to convey his last three wishes. He said,

His coffin had to be carried away by the predicates physician (doctor) the best of his time.

All of his treasures (gold, silver, treasure ) must be scattered along the path leading to his tomb, and  His hands must be swaying, swinging in the air, out of the coffin for everyone to see.

One of his ministers, very surprised by this strange request, asked Alexander why he wanted to.

Sir Alexander explained as follows:

  • I want you yourself physician (doctor) best to carry the coffin of us to let people see that when faced with death, they themselves (who are the most skilled) nor talented yet To cure.


  • I want our jewels to be scattered on the ground to show that the wealth and wealth that we have accumulated in this world will forever remain in this world (once we close our eyes) Hand from giax realm).


  • I want our hands to swing in the air, letting everyone see that we come to this world with white hands and when we leave the world we have only two empty hands.

By the end of life, we will discover that the most precious treasure in life is Love.

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