Allu Arjun Creates New Record with Huge Dislikes

Stylish Star Allu Arjun records a new record in film industry with his latest DJ Movie teaser. 

DJ Duvvada Jagannadham Latest Movie teaser which had released on 23rd feb 2017 on Youtube had reached 5 millions plus View within 3 days which is new record in cinema industry to reach such a huge views on youtube. And Coming to other record that created with same DJ Teaser is that many people had been disliked this teaser which had reached 1 lakh plus dislikes which never happens in the film industry till now. This shows the fans are not satisfied with the teaser and this is like giving the hint to the director Harish Shankar that the teaser did not reach their expectation.

And,The fans of Allu Arjun are Blaming that the Antis-Fans might be disliking the teaser. Let us wait and see how the makers would overcome this dislikes with the upcoming trailer and the film!

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