Amazing Facts about Sleep not Everyone May Knows

We’re high up in sleep, sleep more may leads to premature death, Here goes few facts about sleep is not well known.

When the body is paralyzed dream: Although still able to move the limbs in the early stages of sleep, but when on the stage of rapid eye movement (REM) – this stage only can dream about is – the limbs do not move anymore. It is caused by nerve impulses to temporarily not be transmitted to the muscles. However, if there are “paralyzed” while dreaming, you will very easy to dream something, then that’s limbs action.

You higher after waking up: The truth about sleep is true for everyone. When horizontally over a period of time, the bones, cartilage and muscles are stretched for a few millimeters. So, in the first hours after waking up you will find yourself a little higher. Children grow best height in deep sleep as this is the period of growth hormone produced most.
Fat cells also need sleep: People often think that only new brain needs to “close their eyes” to maintain memory. Recent studies show that every cell in the body needs sleep – period metabolism slowed down – including fat cells. Scientists discovered without a break, the fat cells will lose 30% more likely to respond to insulin – the hormone control of energy. This can lead to diabetes or other metabolic disorders.
Alcohol is the enemy of good sleep: Although alcohol can make you go to sleep very quickly, but you will not get a good night’s sleep. The wine was very fast metabolism in the body, thus effectively soothe rapidly lost – usually around 2am – then you’ll wake up and feel very uncomfortable. Research also shows that alcohol increases the duration of deep sleep, but reduces the amount of REM, which affects the ability to concentrate, driving skills and memory.
Time work affects sleep: 60-80% shift workers often have trouble sleeping, and one reason is that the human body is not constructed to be awake at night. Often the body will not be self-correcting over time night shifts. Or if the night shift lasted biological clock to adjust over a little bit but then return the same to the holidays.
Too little sleep are related to cancer: In addition to adverse effects on health like obesity, excessive stress and diabetes, the risk of breast cancer in women who sleep too little to be increased to 60% because the body does not produce enough melatonin.

Sleeping too much reduce the life: Those who sleep too little or too much sleep are at risk of early death than those who slept only 7-8 hours / day but many people sleep with the highest risk of early death.

Postpartum insomnia: Most newborns who finished were interrupted sleep. But some people suffering from insomnia after birth that they can not sleep the night after feeding, long gradually will lead to postpartum depression or a habit.

According to one study, about a quarter of all children under age 18 while watching TV sleepy, sleep ipad … Classified Evidence also negatively affect the health and wellness is becoming a worrying trend of bad.

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