Anger can make People become Ugly and may have a variety of Diseases

Anger can lead to disorders of hormone system in women, makes the body produce more cortisol, this substance when too many accumulate in the body, will affect the normal operation of immune cells, reduce resistance, thereby pathogenesis body. To be specific, anger will bring great harm following 8 women.
1. Melasma

When angry, the toxins in the blood to rise, leading to the stimulation of hair follicles, causing inflammation in varying degrees around the hair follicles, which appear as skin pigmentation problems.

2. Irregular Menstruation

Anger and sadness depression leads to liver stagnation gas generated causing problems such as irregular menstruation, irregular menstruation, the amount of less, the color of dark, even amenorrhea economic or minority.

3. breast lesions

Anger leads to blood stasis stagnant air, born of proliferative breast disease.

4. Appear in thyroid problems

Anger will make endocrine system disorders, leading to irritation thyroid secretion excessive, long gradually will cause the thyroid disease.

5. To speed up the aging brain

When angry, will increase pressure on the brain blood vessels, increase blood toxins, speed up the rate of aging in the brain.

6. Peptic ulcer

As angry as the sympathetic nerve irritation, directly affect the heart and blood vessels, reducing blood flow in the stomach and colon, intestinal peristalsis slow, serious cases can lead to stomach ulcers .

7.Gay out myocardial ischemia

A large amount of blood to the brain cornered, will reduce the blood supply to the heart causes myocardial ischemia.

8. Damage to the immune system

When angry, the brain tells the body to make cortisol is converted from cholesterol, if the substance is a long time to accumulate in the body, will hinder the movement of immune cells.
So when anger need to do to reduce the anger?

Before you get angry, to think a little “Storm this news should eventually rise to it or not”, there are many small things which can be resolved. Viewed from the perspective of others to speculate a bit, or you can look at other aspects of the problem; finally should find a suitable method to neutralize anger, whether it is singing, walking, chatting and snacking, quickly applied to solve emotional time. When anger should try not to exceed 3 minutes.


Source: Slient Serect

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