Are you really ready to get married? First, answer these questions

Are you really ready to get married?

The truth is that many women, even if they struggle to admit it, are waiting for nothing more than the time to put on the white dress. Because they dreamed of it as little girls, because they were moved by the wedding of their best friend and they can’t help but get excited in front of a happy ending. And after years of being engaged with what seems like the right person, the proposal arrives. But is it really the right time to get married and promise eternal love? Perhaps, before letting yourself be taken by enthusiasm, it would be appropriate to ask yourself a few questions. Let’s find out which one.

Is he really the right man?

Is he really the right man?It may seem trivial, but before taking such an important step, it is good to start from the basics. Finding a soul mate nowadays is really difficult and sometimes it happens to settle for those we have at our side just for fear of being alone, nothing is more wrong than this. Another mistake that is made very often is that of choosing to get married because they have been together for a long time. We look closely at our partner: is it really with him that we want to share the rest of our years?

Does the relationship really work?

Does the relationship really work?A relationship is made up of many things: respect, passion, sharing, reciprocity, and support. Married life stands on these aspects, make sure everyone is there before taking the plunge.

Does he accept you for who you are?

Does he accept you for who you are?Before agreeing to share your whole life with the person next to you, make sure that he really loves you, with all your strengths and weaknesses. Of course, there will be discussions and compromises to be found, but if it is love, it will never ask you to change.

And do you accept him for what he is?

And do you accept him for what he is?The same goes for you, do you love your partner in all respects? Or can you barely tolerate his faults? Because in this case maybe you should deepen your feelings about it.

Do you share your works together?

couple cooking togetherAs a Single, you have probably made many works, but now that you will become a family, the time has come to make them concrete. What you need to ask yourself is if you agree on future plans, do you both want children? What role will work play in the family? Difficult topics, but necessary to face in order to understand if this marriage needs to be done.

And what about personal plans?

couple personal plansIn life, there is not only love, although you have allocated an important part of your time to him. Before getting married, it is advisable for both to clarify their personal plans to understand if they are compatible with the expectations of the partner.

Can you face the crisis?

couple finance problemsNo wedding is all pink and flowers, there will be more difficult moments than others also due to unforeseen events outside the couple. Will you be able to face them? Will you be able to stand by you even in bad luck? Clearly, if one of you has a tendency to run away from problems, you may have to re-evaluate it.

Will you have personal spaces?

couple personal spacesSharing in a marriage is everything, but remember that before being a couple you are people with your habits, passions, and preferences. Will you be able to respect each other’s spaces? Will you be able to give it to your partner?

And in 30 years?

30 years of togethernessThe last question to ask yourself, and perhaps the most important, before accepting the marriage proposal, is to imagine yourself at your partner’s side in 30 years, or even more. White hair and wrinkles on the face, embraced and in love as before: how does the thought make you feel? If imagining all this, a smile arises spontaneously on your face, you just have to start the wedding preparations.

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