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Having a Bad Memory is not so Bad, Science says it!

You leave your house, walk several blocks, take the bus and you realize that you have forgotten an important role on the dining room table. If you have experienced this situation or similar, do not worry.

It turns out that remembering it all is a somewhat overrated skill. What’s more, science today claims that having minimal forgetfulness is not only common but also makes us smarter. Discover the reasons why having a bad memory is not as negative as you thought.

Less Memory, Better Decisions

Researchers Paul Frankland and Blake Richards of the University of Toronto were in charge of carrying out a study on memory and its functioning. Both ensure that the memory is not intended to convey accurate and accurate information. In their study, they could observe that to retain the important thing and to be able to forget the irrelevant improves our abilities when making decisions.

Forget to move forward

According to the scientists, being able to forget little important details helps us focus on what we really need to put our attention. This forgetfulness contributes not only to make better decisions in daily life but also to enabling neural connections that superimpose new knowledge over old ones.

In other words, this mechanism enables us to be able to incorporate new knowledge and adapt more easily to new or unexpected situations.
Otherwise, our brain would be constantly sending us memories of conflictive situations that would definitely hinder our chances of making decisions based on the new experiences that come to us during the course of our lives.

Goodbye Details

The researchers also noted that our brains overlook specific data from past events to recall just one general picture. The authors of the study understand that this mechanism is intended to give us the possibility to apply these memories more effectively in situations that occur in the present moment.

Then, unless you’re forgetting a substantial amount of daily information, scientists say that occasional forgetting only shows that our memory is in good shape.

You see that we should not be so demanding with ourselves on a day to day basis. If you forget your car keys, wallet or cell phone do not worry: your memory is discarding certain irrelevant memories so that you are able to remember data that are truly relevant to your life. Let us celebrate those forgotten details!

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