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Everything You Need to Know About Blue Blood Moon

Astronomers are in the mood (and so are we!). Is that the next January 31 will take place an event that did not happen more than 150 years ago: a total lunar eclipse, which will produce an effect called ” Moon of Blood “, will occur at the same time as the so-called ” blue moon .”

What is a Blue Moon?

This term comes from English ( blue moon ) and is used to name the second full moon within a month. It is a rare phenomenon that only occurs every two and a half years. Not for nothing did this language coined the phrase ” once in a Blue Moon ” to refer to something that happens a lot, but a long time.

However, it is even rarer that this event coincides with an eclipse: the last record of a similar event dates from March 31, 1866, 152 years ago.

Why is it called “Moon of Blood”?

This phenomenon is directly related to the lunar eclipse of January 31, which will only be visible in western North America. During the event, the Earth will be positioned between the Moon and the Sun and, not receiving the sun’s rays, the satellite will take a color between orange and reddish.

Undoubtedly, it is a singular event in astronomy. But 2018 is just beginning and has more phenomena of this type, among them, another blue moon that will occur on March 31.

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