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Can Alcohol causes Cancer in Humans

At the seminar suggestions Law Against harmful effects of alcohol by the Ministry of Health, the Alliance Prevention of NCDs Vietnam (NCDs-VN) and the Organization HealthBridge Canada in Vietnam jointly held, MA. Dr. Tran Quoc Bao, Department of Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health said: Organization international cancer research (IARC) concluded that alcohol is carcinogenic to humans, including cancer such as cancer, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, esophageal, colorectal, liver and breast cancer in women.

“The drink also has some degree of cancer risk. Drink as much as the increased risk of cancer. The development of cancer usually appears after you start taking from 2 years onwards, even after they stop drinking “– MSc. Bao said.

Nearly half of adult men were drinking at a hazardous level
Nearly half of adult men were drinking at a hazardous level

Drinking alcohol in public limited?

According to MA. Bao, ethanol in the alcohol and other beverages are carcinogenic to humans. No level of alcohol is safe for cancer prevention. To reduce the risk of cancer and other related diseases, everyone is best not to drink alcohol, or if you drink, you should limit the level of drinking.

Specifically: Male / female healthy drink no more than two units of alcohol / day to reduce the risk of disease and injury. Drink no more than four units of alcohol in one drink any time to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries due to alcohol. Persons under 18 are not drinking alcohol. Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding is best not to drink alcohol (if alcohol can harm the fetus and breastfeeding).

MSc. Bao warned, alcohol in any degree will also cause increased risk of cancer. Benefits of alcohol on heart health for women only match between ages 55 and older, and the limited extent of taking 5 units per week. No level of alcohol is safe for pregnant women.

Need drive aggravating sanction drinking beer

Statistics show that, up to 200 liters of alcohol unorthodox used each year. Vietnam at very high levels, second in Southeast Asia, the Pacific; ranked 10th in Asia and 29th in the world for alcohol consumption status. Rate of drinking among adults is very high, up to 77% of men and 11% of women currently have a drink in the last 30 days. The higher age condition increasing alcohol consumption. Youth group drinking less frequency but drink more during each administration versus old age group. Nearly half the men were drinking at a hazardous level.
Among people with alcohol, about 45% have control motor vehicle within 2 hours after use. National survey results show that adolescents VN adolescent males 20.8% drove after drinking alcohol leads to injury to workers missed school or from a week or more.

According to MA. Sure, young people begin drinking before age 15, the future may arise problems alcohol 5 times higher than the drinking age to 21. It’s likely alcoholics 4 times and able to participate physically violent after drinking 6 times higher; ability to automobile accidents due to drink 6 times higher, likely to be injured by drinking nearly 5 times.

Therefore, to minimize the risk to health and society, MSc. Bao also proposed adding a new line to prevent harm Law of alcohol.

For example, prohibits the sale of alcohol to underage children or the prohibition of advertising of alcohol in public places
At the seminar, experts also recommended to promptly finalize a legal framework to control the supply and demand in order to reduce the harm caused by alcohol abuse cause. Aggravating the form of sanctions and enforce strict as: The study forms a prison for driving with alcohol concentration in the blood above 80 mg / dl; obligatory public labor and heavy fines for recidivist behavior…!!

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