Caring for your Breasts: Tips, Exercises and Good Habits

Caring for your Breasts

The well-being of the breast is just as important as that of the face or body: Here is a handbook to take care of the breast including advice, exercises, and good habits

We always talk about face and body beauty routines, but never about how to take care of your breasts. It is, in fact, a very delicate and often underestimated area. Instead, One would need specific attention, ranging from the simple apply of cream to the choice of the right bra, to a periodic medical check-up passing through targeted exercises and nutrition. Not to mention the well-being of the breasts during and after breastfeeding or a diet.

It doesn’t matter to be like Marilyn Monroe and put your bra in the freezer for a breast beauty treatment, but there are certainly many daily gestures and little habits that you can introduce into your daily beauty routine to take care of your breasts at their best, no matter what age or its size.

Because it is a delicate area

It is a good habit to think about starting to take care of your breasts just like you would do with the face or the eye area because it is a very delicate area, going to act on the skin, muscles, and adipose tissue, to ensure that it maintains its original shape and turgor as long as possible.

Cold water showers for circulation

The first gesture, perhaps trivial but certainly the easiest to start taking care of your breasts is to shower with cold water. In fact, the cold has a toning and vasoconstricting effect on the skin: by narrowing the blood vessels it stimulates the flow of blood to the surface and therefore makes the breasts firmer. You can also alternate a cold jet with a slightly warmer one, ending with a cold one to improve circulation even more.

The positive note is that you can also do it for the legs, to improve the cellulite situation, but above all that it does not take you more than a couple of minutes away compared to your classic shower. If you want a powerful effect, you can also pass an ice cube wrapped in a cloth and massage it circularly on the breast.

Pay attention to posture

When it comes to breast wellness, posture should not be underestimated, especially for those who work all day sitting behind a desk or if you spend a lot of time standing. It goes without saying that you should keep your back as straight as possible, not keep your torso tucked in and try to bring your shoulders back to open your chest. In this way the breast will be enhanced, it will not fall back on itself too much and above all, you will have less back pain. In this case, however, another fundamental ally comes into play, the bra.

Choosing the right bra

No, the bra is not chosen randomly based on the cheapest one or the one we like best. It is precisely the bra that, especially in the case of medium or large breasts, helps to support it correctly, counteracting gravity and avoiding that the muscles and such thin skin have to do all the work on their own to keep it up. To choose the bra, it must be comfortable, of the right size, and with the right shape to easily accommodate the breast.

It must not tighten either behind the torso where it hooks or on the shoulders where the shoulder straps rest, thus avoiding pain caused by fabrics that compress too much and leave marks that itch and hurt. The cup must contain the breast without leaving too much empty space because otherwise, the support will not be adequate, on the contrary, even without the breast coming out, otherwise, the skin that comes out would press on the edges of the bra, irritating it.

As for the shape of the bra, it depends on the shape of the breast and the desired effect. Those with distant breasts may want to bring them closer, while those with small breasts may prefer a push-up effect. The next time you go shopping for a bra, explain to the expert what your breasts look like and the type of effect you would like to achieve so that she can recommend the best models for you. Do not forget, then, to choose the right sports bra for physical activity, to avoid major stress, pain and discomfort during exercises, running, or skipped activities.

Take care of the breast skin with the right cosmetic products

Another not-too-complicated step to start taking care of your breasts is to dedicate a few minutes a day to performing a massage with specific creams. If you are young and you don’t notice big sagging, you can use a classic moisturizer, if instead you have some stretch marks or you see that it is emptying, it is better to opt for a specific product. In fact, breast creams contain firming and moisturizing active ingredients that help against sagging skin, restoring elasticity to the skin.

Choose creams that contain collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, kinds of butter, and nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. In this way, in addition to improving the turgor, you will also improve the appearance of the skin, reducing even small red stretch marks, therefore just formed, or minimizing the appearance of the white ones, now old. It is also important how to perform a breast massage to apply the cream which, if done every day, will give you good results. Always make circular movements from the bottom towards the neck, but avoid touching the nipple unless it is written in the directions of the product, to avoid irritating it with fragrances or ingredients that are too aggressive for that area.

To moisturize the dry nipple, however, there are special balms and ointments or you can use simple shea butter or aloe vera gel. For a shock treatment, you can also use breast patches or rinsing masks, which often have to lift active ingredients that pull and help pull it up a little, even if the effect is temporary. However, they are boosts of active ingredients that are excellent for the delicate skin of this area, and above all they are ideal to use perhaps before wearing a more low-cut dress, to enhance the décolleté.

The right nutrition for the breasts

It is useless to deny that, as with everything related to our body, also in this case nutrition plays a key role. Since the breast is made up of skin, adipose tissue, and glandular tissue, and the pectoral muscles are positioned behind it, some foods can certainly help the general well-being of the body and, therefore, also of the breast. A good dose of protein is ideal for the muscle, to prevent it from losing tone and therefore making the breasts appear lower. Legumes, eggs, and some white and red meat are perfect, as well as fish, which in addition contains Omega3.

Dried fruit also contains Omega3 and it is also important to take the right dose of vitamins, contained in fruit and vegetables. For the well-being of the breast, then, you can consume foods containing phytoestrogens, such as legumes, in particular soy, whole grains, sprouts, sunflower seeds, linseed, and sesame seeds, which also help fight free radicals. The important thing is, however, to maintain a varied and balanced diet, avoiding do-it-yourself diets, fasting, and deprivation of some food groups. If you want to lose a few pounds, therefore, contact only and only an expert.

Exercises to firm the breasts

It goes without saying that a little physical activity must also be added to a correct diet for the well-being of the breasts and the body. In fact, there are a whole series of exercises that can help support the breasts, strengthening the pectorals to obtain a higher and firmer breast. However, we must not be under the illusion that slightly enlarging the pectorals can increase the breasts by one size, but certainly, the exercises help to maintain their shape and to counteract gravity. However, the important thing is not to overdo it with excessive loads and weights because the effect could be to make the breasts appear smaller.

A very simple exercise for the breast, which can also be done comfortably at home, is to bring the arms behind the neck, in the position to do the abdominals, and push the elbows back while inhaling, then return to the starting position and throw out. the air, exercise is to be performed in 20 repetitions for 3 series. Another useful exercise to strengthen the pectorals and therefore help the breasts are the push-ups, even those with the knees on the ground, a little easier to perform. You can also bring your hands out in front of you, almost in a prayer position but with your elbows up and parallel to your breasts, and squeeze your palms against each other, again doing more repetitions and sets. Other exercises are obviously those with dumbbells or, as a sport, swimming, and water aerobics.

Relaxed breasts after diet or breastfeeding

The breasts are often the victim of variations given by hormonal fluctuations, one of the strongest together with menopause is certainly the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding. In the nine months of pregnancy, the breasts change, often swell quickly, and the nipples change and also become darker and larger. Not to mention the period of breastfeeding and the one immediately following, in which the breast often appears emptied and, inevitably, the skin is much more relaxed and yielded. Unfortunately, this often happens even when losing a lot of weight, especially if very quickly due to drastic diets. The skin is indeed an elastic organ, but up to a certain point.

As prevention, during pregnancy or while losing weight, it is always recommended to use an elasticizing cream, which helps the skin not to form stretch marks. It is important to take care of your breasts after breastfeeding but also during, to prevent them from getting infections, thus keeping them clean and hydrated. Just boiled water and then left it to cool to clean the nipple, but I will only go cleaned it once a day to prevent the skin from losing its perfume, essential for the baby, and that the skin’s sebum does not disappear completely. For sore nipples, a soothing balm or ointment and the use of nipple shields while feeding are ideal, especially if the baby does not have a proper latch. Also remember to use nursing pads, which in addition to leaving you dry protect against the nipples rubbing on the tissues, but change them often to avoid infections.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself with emptied breasts after breastfeeding or dieting, this is completely normal. With a change in weight and breast size and therefore stress for the delicate skin of that area, you can strengthen and help the skin to acquire greater elasticity thanks to supplements and massages with moisturizing and firming creams. Circular massages and cold showers are always recommended, as well as targeted exercises to strengthen the pectorals and help the breasts rise a little.

Don’t forget about prevention

It may not be beauty advice, but perhaps it is the most important. To take care of the breast it is necessary to periodically check its actual health inside and to avoid breast cancer or, in any case, to be able to make an early diagnosis. At a very young age, one begins immediately to prevent breast cancer thanks to self-examination, which in a certain sense allows you to map your breasts and recognize their characteristics after a gynecologist has found that everything is in order. In this way, it will be easy to understand any variations, if the breasts change in density if you feel bumps that were not there before, and if every little detail is different from the usual, which will allow you to promptly notify a specialist.

From the age of 30, on the other hand, an ultrasound scan should be performed every year, which is able to detect the presence of nodules to understand whether they are benign, dubious, or malignant. From the age of 40/50, however, once a year or two, the examination to be done is mammography, even more, precise in diagnosing any breast problems. Obviously, in case of familiarity with breast tumors, it is good, however, to make more specific checks already at a very young age.

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