The Harsh Reality that exists in the Clothing Factories of Ivanka Trump

A controversial investigation in the garment factories of the Ivanka Trump brand is causing a stir in the Trump family. Why?

The Guardian interviewed several workers from the factories of Ivanka, the daughter of the president of the United States, and found that the work situation there is not the best: low wages, verbal harassment, and overtime without paying.

Minimum Wage

In Indonesia, there is a factory for this clothing brand. Dozens of workers explained that the salary is one of the lowest in Asia. In addition, the production is very high and they work extra hours that, very sporadically, are paid.

Alia, a factory worker, laughed when told about Ivanka’s new book about women and about the balance between being a mother, a woman, and a worker: the long days of work and the low salary she earns prevent her from being so much time with your children because you have to look for a second job.

7 of the workers interviewed suffered verbal abuse and were called “animals”, “morons”, and “monkeys”. In turn, other workers complained of being expelled before Ramadan begins, and then when it is over, they are hired again. In this way, the bonus for a religious holiday (according to Indonesian legislation) must not be paid.

In China, a few weeks ago, several labor activists investigated an Ivanka factory that was suspected of several labor fits of abuse. Although they were removed from the factory, they reported that, in fact, several labor violations were carried out, such as wages below the minimum wage, verbal abuse, and violation of women’s rights.

The Responsibility

According to a labor rights activist in Indonesia, although the minimum wage is legal, “it is not moral”. In addition, in line with the workers’ complaints, Jim Keady said that ” the responsibility belongs to her. It is his name that is in the dress. Without it, there is no brand.”

Do you think it’s your fault? Or that what happens in that factory is alien to it? Regardless of whose fault it is, as a society, we must demand that workers’ rights be respected and that, above all, no one’s rights be violated in order to receive a salary.

Video: Ivanka Trump on what it means to be “complicit”

News Source: The Guardian

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