Best Dating Apps for Dating & Make Friends in 2022

Find out which dating apps are the safest and most used for Dating & Make Friends.

If you want to meet new people who can share the same interests and hobbies as you, you will surely know that the Internet is full of chat and dating sites.

Or, if you have just ended a romantic relationship that is very important to you and you want to get back in the game by taking advantage of the full power of the new technologies that surround us, we have some great suggestions: you could register on the most famous dating sites in existence. Yes, there are many and for all tastes: with free registration, without using your email, both for singles and not.

With the end of this year and a new one about to start, there are many possibilities to meet some interesting person with whom to exchange some pleasant chat. Obviously, if you were a person with some reservations or hesitations, as it should be, perhaps with little familiarity with new technologies, you will know that by reading this article you will have the answer to all your doubts.

If despite this small limitation you feel like a person ready to embark on a new adventure, then read on. So, take a few minutes to delve into this really interesting topic and discover the dynamics that these popular dating sites work with. And who knows, you might even find your soul mate!

List of Best Dating apps and sites: some tips

By following this mini-guide specially written for you, you will discover which are the safest dating sites used by the majority of the population on the Web.

Before talking in detail about the most famous dating and chat apps, however, we would like to give some tips to better approach this virtual world. We advise you, first of all, to provide your sensitive data, such as your home address, telephone number, and place of work: it is a very important step to be able to better protect yourself. It is therefore advisable to be very reserved on this point, at least at the beginning of an acquaintance; later, as time passes, you may choose to open up more to the person in front of you. It is clear, however, that there must be a basis for serious and concrete knowledge.

Another very important thing is excessive use of common sense: never stop being attentive and always follow your intuition, in fact, a little extra caution never hurts. Scrutinize the profiles of people on dating sites very carefully and, in case you find someone interesting, try to make sure that they are a reliable and concrete person.

Furthermore, most of the dating sites on the Web allow you to use a free e-mail account: in this regard, it is advisable not to choose to use your personal e-mail address but to create a special one.

As soon as you undertake an acquaintance with someone, you can begin to grasp his distinctive features: it is very important to evaluate all the characteristics well and try to understand if there are anomalous or ambiguous behaviors. Remember, a real profile has both recent and old photos, so take a very careful look to make sure there are reliable images.

Finally, if you choose to meet the person with whom you have spent a lot of time chatting, we advise you to do it in a public place, always with your own means of transport, and be careful to inform a friend about your travels.

That said, we’re ready to walk you through the four best-loved dating apps and sites.


Badoo ranks first among the best dating sites on the Net: it is historic and has always kept pace with the evolution of new technologies. It is a very good dating site, not too difficult to use and we will see how soon.

First of all, connect immediately to the site or download the app, so you can register and enter all your data. In particular, you will be asked for your name, date of birth, city, and email: we recommend that you provide rather general information. In this way, you can go ahead and create your account to immediately get in touch with lots of new virtual friends.

Obviously, to clarify your intentions and to make the profile authentic, we recommend that you upload some of your current and well-defined photographs, but nothing too particular. Once registration is complete, the site will start showing you various profiles on the Net: you can express your preference using a heart-shaped button, or an “X” to indicate that the person in question is not to your liking.

Having said that, it is still possible to customize the search using some filters offered by the service: you can indicate whether you are looking for a man or a woman, age, distance, and much more.

Badoo is a completely free dating site that allows you to use some “tools” in a limited way unless you have purchased the “Super Powers” tool: the cost is 0.99 cents up to 69.99 euros if you decide to subscribe for life.


Here is one of the most favorite dating sites for young people: Tinder. It is a popular dating app downloadable from any smartphone and easy to use.

It is a very young dating service, born in 2012 and used by a slice of the modern population. In the last period, it has achieved great success and is based on a very simple and intuitive principle: it is sufficient to register to get in touch with new people and start chatting.

As we said, the interface of this totally free dating app is easy to use: you can vote positively or negatively on the users present on the Net by evaluating their photographs. By clicking on the symbol in the shape of “X”, you will express your dislike of starting an acquaintance, discarding the profile of the person in question. The symbol of a blue star, on the other hand, is valid as a sort of appreciation towards a particular person, the green heart has the same value, while a purple lightning bolt indicates the intention of wanting to highlight one’s profile and receive more interactions.

Therefore, a free dating app that can be used indefinitely only on a subscription at the modest price of 8.39 euros per month. Could this be for you? Find out now, download Tinder on your mobile now!


You have surely already heard of Lovoo: a dating site for romantic dates. So, let’s talk about dating! It is very similar to many other dating sites and there is an application of the same name.

The interface is very simple and easy to use: even here, you will have to register by entering some personal details completely free of charge. You can do this via an email address of your choice or with Facebook very quickly. As we said, it is a service without too many pretensions, where meeting new people is really very easy: you can click on the “play” or “discover” section.

Do not forget, however, to insert some of your photos in order to make your profile as real as possible and to verify the email address using the appropriate button received via email.

In the “play” section, you will be able to discover all the users, and related photos, subscribed to the service, and express your appreciation, if so: the symbol with the heart expresses a positive thought, while the “x” negative evaluation. Then, by clicking on the profile photo of a certain user, you will be able to get to know all the details relating to the person in question, as well as all the other images. Finally, we would like to point out the possibility of chatting through the appropriate “chat” button and privately contacting the person who arouses interest in you.

Obviously, this dating app is also free, even if some tools can be used in a limited way: if you want to make full use of the service, you just need to subscribe to Lovoo Vip. Easy, right?


Bumble is another absolutely innovative dating app, why? Because only women can start a conversation. After creating a profile and entering all the filters to describe your interests and personality you can move on to the match. Depending on the information you gave during the creation of the account, you will be offered different profiles close to your tastes: you can explore the person’s interests and photos and, if you are a woman, you can start a conversation.

Bumble is also very popular for the different ways it offers: Bumble Date, to meet a partner, Bumble BFF, for those looking for a friendship, and Bumble Bizz, to establish business relationships.


And here is the last dating app we decide to talk to you about Meetic. Surely you have already heard of it, being among the most famous and used and born to create interactions and combine appointments between people. It also exists in an app version and is one of the best dating sites used by singles to find their soul mate.

Unlike Badoo, Meetic is a real dating site or appointment: it is very well organized and mostly shows profiles of interest based on the criteria expressed. Like most other services, over time it has evolved to go hand in hand with new technologies.

First of all, register on the site for free by indicating your sex, and date of birth and specifying if you are looking for men or women; here too, therefore, it is required to express a preference, so as to be able to carry out the first skimming. Next, enter your username, and email address and choose the password to create an account.

Then, you will have to answer a series of very specific questions, which are intended to indicate your passions and hobbies and those of your potential soul mate. It is good to answer the questionnaire in order to outline the profile and place it in a specific context, consistent with your research.

Once the registration is confirmed, you will be ready to start the search for your soul mate or, more simply, meet new people and make friends.

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