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Death Valley, The scene of many Mysterious Phenomenon hard to Explain!

Death Valley in America is arid and sunny places. This is also where the mysterious phenomena difficult to explain.

Death Valley in the USA is one of the world’s most special places. Death Valley – Death Valley (between California and Nevada, USA) is dry and hottest places on the entire North American continent.

Specifically, the summer of 2001, of 154 consecutive days, the temperature in Death Valley is always over 38 degrees C. The highest temperature measured in Death Valley is 56.7 degrees Celsius on the day 07.10.1913.

Death Valley is located in the United States is also home to mysterious phenomena occur as the rocks themselves that move and leave the “trails” on the shallow lake Racetrack Player.

Death Valley before becoming arid and hot as today, which used to be surrounded by a lake.


In 1996, architect Egbert Rimkus German (37) and his son Max Meyer (4 years old) and Cornelia Meyer’s girlfriend (24 years), traveling at Death Valley in California, USA and disappeared mysterious. 13 years later, a hiking discovered some sets of remains are thought of Egbert and Cornelia. So far, the mysterious disappearances occurred in Death Valley have yet to find a solution.

Many reports have found some underground caves and catacombs beneath Death Valley. From there, they speculate this may be evidence of the existence of an ancient civilization.

Many shocked to see a large salt pan on the surface of the Death Valley, Mojave desert in Death Valley National Park, east of California.


Ubehebe Crater crater, 180m wide and 800m depth, with an estimated age of 2000-7000 years. It is located in America’s Death Valley.

In Death Valley is also where the filmmakers Star Wars (War between the stars) selected as the context of the film. Specifically, Death Valley is the place where the confrontation between Luke Skywalker and the Sandman.
It is interesting that every 10 years or so, an extremely rare phenomenon happens in Death Valley which is a carpet of wildflowers suddenly burst.

Although Death Valley is the hottest place on the dry and the entire North American continent, but it has more than 1,000 species of plants and animals live.

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