Do You Have a Best Friend? Do not Forget to Tell Him/Her these Things

To you, best friend..!!

To you that when I met you, you really fell ill and with whom I never thought I could really get along, I have something to tell you:

I know that maybe we are not seeing each other as we used to do, in fact reuniting is a true odyssey but the truth is that our friendship is still intact. You are one of the most important people in my world and I want that to remain that way.

More than a Friend, you are My Sister

You have taught me many important things – and others not so much – but you have always been there, to scold or applaud me, to dream by my side, to dry my tears or to dry them to you, but always together.

We matured together, no matter how many years ago we are friends because what I grew up with you, from the most painful breaks through the ridiculous moments to the most extreme happiness, has been incredible.

You know my mood, my whims, my toc, what I like, what saddens me, what hurts me and what relieves me. You know who my great love is and you know why I do what I do. You are my accomplice.

They say that together we are not for anyone

Everyone is afraid when we meet because nobody is saved, they fear because they know what we are capable of doing when we are together.

They say that together we are dynamite, that we are the fat and the skinny, that we are Paul McCartney and John Lennon or that we are like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. They say all those things because they know that both you and I kill each other.

With you I could have the craziest yearnings and the most histrionic stories of my life, how can we not be dynamite if you are on your side I can be myself?

Your advice

I have to confess that at times, it seems that I was talking to Mom, and for others, it seems that I speak with the voice of my conscience. Your way of advising so peculiar has turned my head in more than one opportunity, but without a doubt, they have been the best that you have been able to give me.

Even those tips that made me cry or those opinions that I did not want to hear, were the best. I understand that it was necessary for you to say it, your duty as a sister was that.

First of all, together

Even though you knew I was making a mistake you were not going to leave me alone, you were going to stay there, firm, to insult me, encourage me, hug me and cry with me. But, you were the only one who could do it, be careful whoever came to me to hurt me! Because with the first thing they were going to find, it was with a concrete wall as special as life itself.

You have been the first to scold me and the first to defend it, above all and of ALL, you and me, always together.

Your memories

Each of our memories, even those you are not in, have something to do with our friendship.

You have participated in my greatest humiliations, you have been there when my first love, the second love and the third one disappointed me. You saw me cry of happiness, of sadness, of hunger, of love. You saw me drunk, angry, ashamed and crazy.

You saw me received, dressed in dress, pajamas and lingerie. You know all my emotional states and my deepest secrets.

In my parents’ house, you are one more. In my house, you are the aunt of my children, the sister-in-law of my boyfriend and my sister of life. My eternal companion of adventures, you.

Now forget about everything beautiful I told you and be the same ironic bitch as always.

Something that always happens to us…!! conversations with your best friend Drunk!

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