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Do you Know: Regular Sex can Improve your Memory

Every day, we make a lot of action contribute to improve your memory without even knowing it, such as coffee mornings, between sessions of exercise or salmon dinner. According to a latest research, there is a way to help improve your memory is very surprising (and excited) that is sex.

Yes, you did not misread where: In a study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior in October 11/2016, the researchers have found positive effects of sex with memory, particularly in identifying the typeface . In this particular study, women who regularly ties that they have the ability to remember words better than those little ties.

Do You Know: Regular Sex Can Improve Your Memory
Do You Know: Regular Sex Can Improve Your Memory

To conduct the study, researchers from McGill University asked 78 women between the ages of 18 to 29 questions about sex practices and other elements of their lives before asking them to record random remember the words, images and faces appear on the computer. Participants in the experiment will then be viewing old photos / newly mixed and asked to identify the word, their faces have been previously considered. [Read More: Spectrophilia: A Ghost Sex And The Women Who Love It]

After reviewing the results, the researchers have realized the relationship interesting: Turns out the female members having sex regularly, the memorandum from the complex easier.
The researchers also found sex hardly reacts with the ability to remember and face recognition. In the opinion of the researchers, the closeness and emotional climax in sex contributed to the positive growth of regional cells of the hippocampus, responsible for memory and movement of the nervous system glasses. [Read More: Healthy Advantages Of Sex]

The study focused only on short-term memory, but the authors of the study, Dr Jens Pruessners said he believes that sex has the same effect on long-term memory. And although not a part of the study, but he says sex improves cognitive function in the hippocampus area (think: using markers to remember the instructions). [Read More: Wearing Improper Bras Are Dangerous!]

However, regular sex can not afford to bring you sublime memory. The study still has some limitations in terms of size, the data sexual behavior of objects is because they themselves should provide no guarantee of authenticity. Will also need more research to clarify the relationship between sex and improve memory.

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