Do you know these Belly Button Facts

According to a study, only 4 percent of people have outie-shaped belly buttons. This means that innies dominate as belly buttons.

The shape of the belly button depends on factors like the fat under the skin of the belly, looseness or tightness of the surrounding skin and shape of the belly.
Your belly button changed shape during pregnancy. If you have an innie belly button, then during pregnancy your belly button may come out and become an outie.
For all those who don’t like their belly button, they can get an elective plastic surgery done. The surgery changes the appearance of the belly button.

According to a journal, a beautiful belly button makes you an attractive partner.

Some people are more prone to belly button lint that is a mix of cloth fibre that gets stuck in the button. Males, hairy and older people are more prone to belly button lint.
Most people don’t wash their belly buttons. For proper cleaning, one can simple wash it off with soap and water.

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