Do You Know What is the Prime Time for SEX

A new study by British scientists has found the perfect time for “sex” of the couple. The idea of ​​“sex” is said to often take place at night. However, according to research conducted by the company Super drug to 2,000 people, great time for “sex” is not at night, which is9 am Sunday”.

According to research, Two equally time 22h30 and 23h30 ideally 7th. Not too surprisingly, the weekends are the couples favorite choice for those intimate activities, especially in day 7, then new 6th evening. Meanwhile,

Do You Know What is the Prime Time for SEX

Do You Know What is the Prime Time for SEX

According to the survey of 1,000 sites, IllicitEncounters for participants, half of the participants are too busy to arrange “a late schedule” with your partner. The study also revealed little time to couples choosing to have sex is 16h45 2nd In addition, the summer season is considered the “sight” the most (62% of the option), followed by the season east (20%), spring (14%) and autumn (4%). Just 10 pairs, 6 pairs of selected travel far and the weekend to have the time “fun”. Favorite activities prior to “sex” is a romantic meal, then watch TV, talk, go to the bar or out with friends.

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