Know the Effects of Electronic Cigarettes on Health

Although considered less harmful than traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarette (vape) is far from being classified as a safe device for health . A recent study showed, for example, that smoking electronic cigarettes has serious effects on the heart.

Electronic Cigarettes Harms Heart Health

According to scientific work conducted by researchers from London and Denmark, electronic cigarettes may increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. They reviewed 38 studies on the subject and found that the device caused cardiovascular damage in nearly three quarters of the tests.

Human research has shown that electronic cigarettes have led to increased heart rate and blood pressure, as well as hardening of the arteries and abnormal coagulation.

Electronic cigarettes were also responsible for the increased risk of plaque formation in the artery walls, which could lead to a heart attack, experts say.

Tests on mice exposed to electronic cigarette vapor indicated that the animals also developed plaque buildup in the arteries and suffered damage to the lining of the blood vessels.

Electronic cigarettes are much less hazardous to health than conventional cigarettes because they do not contain tobacco that causes lung cancer. However, they contain nicotine, which can narrow and harden the arteries.

In addition, the aromas of liquids used in electronic cigarettes can damage blood vessels in the same way as heart disease. Chemicals used to flavor steam can also cause inflammation in artery, vein and heart cells.

They make the body react in a way that mimics the first signs of heart disease, heart attack or stroke, the researchers say.

Hundreds of cases of young adults hospitalized in the United States for respiratory problems potentially linked to electronic cigarette use are currently being reported .

According to ITC’s annual report, 12 Indian states had either prohibited or restricted the sales of e-cigarettes. As many as 27 countries, including Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, the UAE, Brazil and Argentina also have prohibited e-cigarettes.

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