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Never Take Decisions during these 4 States of Mind

Have you ever been told not to make decisions when you are sad or angry because you can repent later?

Believe it or not, this advice repeated on more than one occasion comes completely from reality. The human being is impulsive by nature and scientifically, women are even more than men. Do not art a magic formula to help you make right choices, remember that it is from mistakes when learning comes.

What can help you when you have to make an important decision is, first of all, to understand that it is not only about being rational but about taking into account your feelings and emotions but from a point of reflection and not caught up. Some psychologists suggest making decisions when you go through these 4 moods:

1. Anger

you are usually out of yourself, therefore, what you decide will not always be the sensible thing. This sensation leads you to be hurtful not only to others but also with yourself.

2. Loneliness

The need for companionship can trigger you to end up convincing yourself that you need something that is not really for you. Enjoying your moments alone is the beginning to not let yourself be led by some kind of emotional start.

3. Sadness

we all have bad days, so do not let negativity take over your life and everything you decide. If something does not come out as you expect, it does not mean that everything will be the same.

4. Tiredness

How many times have you not felt so tired that you decide to end everything with “do what you want”, “I’m tired”. The best thing in these cases is to give yourself a break and already rest, to make the best decision for you.

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