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Anonymous Hackers claim NASA has discovered the Existence of Aliens

Anonymous Hackers claim NASA has discovered the Existence of Aliens

An anonymous group of hackers and online activists have claimed that NASA has discovered the existence of aliens, the United States space agency, and can soon announce it. This claim has been made in a media report. Hackers have written on their website, “NASA says that pious people are coming.” In a video released by an unknown person,

the space travelers and amateurs interested in space science, cited statements about the existence of the patriots in the past have been cited and from time to time, the planetary and flying saucers appeared in different parts of the earth. The evidence related to the fall has been introduced. The video says, “All the evidence shows that something in space is going to happen.”

According to the website ‘’ Apart from some of the recent discoveries made by NASA, these claims were made in April, based on comments made by NASA spokesman on the title of ‘Advance in the Search for Life’, to the US Parliament.

Thomas Jürburg, Associate Administrator of Science Mission Directorate in NASA said, “The recent developments in NASA, such as the discovery of hydrogen in Saturn’s satellite Enceladus and the positive results of the Hubble teams from the seas of Jupiter’s Europa, are indications that we For the first time, there are the discoveries of the surviving evidence of the people. “

Jürbuben said, “In order to find evidence of the existence of the planetary people, in view of the ongoing investigations and campaigns of the whole world, we are very close to the deepest, unique findings of history.”

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