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Mark Zuckerberg acknowledges Facebook’s “responsibility” in the use of personal data

The president of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, spoke on Wednesday about the scandal of using personal data in his social network and said that the company made “mistakes”.

“We have the responsibility to protect your data, and if we can not we do not deserve to serve them,” Zuckerberg wrote on his wall.

“The most important measures so that this does not happen again were taken years ago, but we also made mistakes and there is more to be done,” he said, after admitting that he was responsible for what happened. He promised to provide users with better use of their personal data.

In an interview with CNN, he pledged not to repeat himself.


Cambridge Analytica (CA ) was accused of recovering without its consent data of 50 million users to develop a program that makes it possible to predict voter voting, which influenced the Donald Trump presidential campaign in 2016.

ABC reported that special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is investigating whether there was collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign team, reviews the role of CA in those elections.

CA maintains that it did not use Facebook information in the campaign, but the now-suspended chief of the company presumed in secret recordings to be very involved in the process.

The scandal has cost Facebook to lose 7% on the New York Stock Exchange in three days – this Wednesday its shares recovered 2% after losing 9%.


The case has given rise to a movement to unsubscribe from Facebook, an initiative that this Wednesday received the backing of one of the founders of the WhatsApp messaging system.

Delete Facebook,” wrote Brian Acton on Twitter using the label that has become popular these days. “Eliminate and forget. It’s time to give importance to privacy. “

Sandy Parakilas, who was in charge of Facebook to ensure that third parties did not misuse the information obtained in the social network, appeared before a committee of the British Parliament and accused his former company of “losing sight” of the data of the users.

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