Facebook Reveals the Trends that will come in 2018

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We love to anticipate what will come. That is why we read the predictions of the horoscope for 2018, we seek the opinion of the experts to know what the economy will be like in the future and also the fashion trends that will come.

We have no way of knowing the future for sure, but some do. Facebook launched its first issues and trends report for 2018 and are giving a lot to talk about. The Facebook IQ team, the branch of the social network that is responsible for analyzing the latest trends on the Internet, shared some of “the conversations that have been booming in 2017 and anticipate that they will grow in 2018.”

Here we tell you what they are.

Goodbye to Beauty Taboos

Talking about certain topics related to beauty was a taboo. The magazines and social networks showed an unattainable image of models with much Photoshop, but today’s trends, according to Facebook, indicate that natural beauty will occupy the conversations in 2018.

“Today, both anonymous people and celebrities are as they are. And the fashion and beauty shops have made headlines because they do not use Photoshop in their catalogs and show the spots and stretch marks of their models. “

The real beauty will continue to grow in 2018 and that is great news for all. Network users are also starting to talk more comfortably about topics that were previously considered taboo, such as talking about painful beauty processes (for example permanent tattoos or hair removal).

Original Fashion

Each decade has its fashion trends defined: the 70 had the oxford pants, the 80 huge shoulder pads, but 2018 will not have any definite style. “Since January 2016, the online conversation has grown around the bell-bottoms, capris and mom’s jeans,” the report says, “three of the five terms associated with jeans on Instagram are torn jeans, high-top jeans, and mom”.

That is to say, every fashionista will have the freedom to use the style that they most want, without worrying about following a single fashion. That’s because, according to the report, “social networks have democratized fashion”. We no longer depend on a celebrity or a brand that shows us the fashion of the moment, but we have many Instagrammers and fashion bloggers that inspire us with varied styles.

Hello Androgyny

Movements against gender discrimination may be blurring the line between men’s and women’s fashion. According to Facebook IQ, since January 2016 the conversation about androgyny, fashion for” sweethearts “and unisex has grown a lot.

Androgynous does not mean that men will start wearing the dress (although that’s not a bad thing), but those gender roles are changing and, with them, people’s clothes. More and more brands are launching clothing collections without an assigned gender. The garments accompany the cultural changes, according to the report, “the hems of the polleras were shortened when women won the right to vote and the miniskirt was a symbol of the sexual revolution .”

The future has no gender, only equality, comfort and original styles. Not bad, do not you think?

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