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There are only 4 Types of Users on Facebook

Do You Know a Survey conducted by The International Journal of Virtual Communities and Social Networking defines 4 different personalities according to the usage of Facebook and to reach these conclusions analysis leaders surveyed 47 people between 18 and 32 years. All of them had to answer a questionnaire of fifty questions about the type of feelings that the use of Facebook aroused in them, including questions about the anxiety or sadness that could generate the application.

After analyzing the results it was concluded that these are the 4 types of people:

The Perfect Friend

They are the ones who use the social network to build and reinforce their real-life relationships. They hang their entire vacation album on their way back; congratulate birthdays with a photo of the honoree and comment on the publications of their friends regularly and use Facebook Messenger regularly.


They share the news that they find most relevant, make appeals, share videos denunciation, indignant with social injustices. On the contrary, they have few o and their profile picture is some historical character.

Selfie Addict

They also share many videos or Facebook Live in which they are the protagonists. They update the status constantly and even their locations. Try to be the center of the news and talk about them.


It consists of visiting the profiles of others to discuss them with your friends. He hardly publishes things because his only interest is to see what others are doing. It may seem that he is not an expert, and also the little he publishes never has likes. It’s the digital equivalent of those people who can spend hours sitting in a bench watching people go by.

Now that you know the profiles, which of them are you?

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