7 Advantages of Being a Freelance Worker

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The freelance work is a global trend. More and more people leave the office and decide to work on their own from home.

If you are still doubtful and do not trust that it is a good decision for you, I tell you why you should start exploring this new way of working and everything you will earn!

1 # Your Schedule is FlexibleYour Schedule is Flexible

You do not meet schedule! By far, this is the number one advantage. For many, with this benefit, it is enough to be encouraged to be a freelancer.

Perhaps our parents and grandparents find it strange and even wrong. However, today it is almost a necessity. Only you know at what times of the day you are more productive and as a freelancer, you could take advantage of them. You start working at the time you prefer, take long or short breaks and end the day when you want.

2 # You are your Own BossYou are your Own Boss

You are free to do what you want, as you want and whenever you want.

Of course, you will also have to solve difficult problems of which you will be 100% responsible. Of course, you can solve complex situations in the way you think is most convenient without being forced to access guidelines imposed by others.

3 # You Work where you PreferYou Work where you Prefer

On the couch, in the bed or on the carpet. You choose where to locate when facing your workday. As most of us work using only a computer, the work can be carried out from almost anywhere in the world and in the place that we like the most.

4 # You choose who you work forYou choose who you work for

When you work for a company or another person, the clients choose another. The pleasant ones and the not so much ones. As a freelancer, you select the clients based on your own convictions. If a client always delays paying you, is rude or does not like you just stop providing your services.

5 # The Improvements of the Company are decided by youImprovements of the Company

Who has not happened to come to the office and find out about an annoying change (move places, change hours or wear such a uniform)! I do not tell you when the modifications are literally redoing a lot of work because “now it’s done like that”.

As a freelancer, you will surely update and make improvements but according to your convenience and your times.

6 # The Profits are not sharedProfits are not shared

Working many hours for a minimum wage is a reality that we all want to escape. As a freelancer you choose your rates, so you have the possibility to give the value to your work that you always thought you had.

You also control the costs according to your budget and evaluate the investments according to your future plans.

7 # Leisure timeLeisure time

Fundamental to the busy lives we carry today. Here he plays what is called professional freedom that is given by combining work and leisure in the way that best suits you. You can give yourself the luxury of prioritizing a trip or a trip to that place that you expect to know.

Imagine the number of hours per week, per month, per year that instead of spending time in the office, you could dedicate to perform in your favorite area. Working as a freelancer can change your life completely.

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