Can you Stay Friends after a Break Up?

“We are very good friends, although before we were a couple we get along very well now”. Sure more than once you heard this or you said it yourself. But the question that brought us here is can it be possible that, after having a love relationship, two people continue as friends? Or will there always be the little spark that can fan the fire of love again? Come, let’s discover it together.

Can you be Friends after a Relationship?

It all depends on the type of relationship they had. For example, if they were in an open relationship in which they could see other people, the breakup should not have been so painful and friendship could arise without problems because neither of them had a desire to commit themselves seriously.

On the other hand, if the relationship was deeper and the break was difficult or traumatic, it is more than clear that there will be no kind of possibility that both end up being friends. This is so not only because of the memories that each one keeps of the couple, but because, being something painful, it will be better to avoid it. Perhaps in time they may cross and greet each other without feeling resentment or resentment. But it is very difficult that they can talk about friendship.

If you are still willing to try to be friends with your ex, stop to think for a minute why you want to do it. Are you interested in being friends because of the slight hope that the relationship will be restored? Do you still feel that you must continue with the relationship even though you know there is no way they can be together again? If the answer is yes, then you are not ready to be friends with your ex.

Observe your Ex and Draw your own Conclusions

Friendship is something that should be taken seriously, and much more if you pretend to be friends with an ex. You may be very clear that you have no romantic interest in him or her, but who knows what goes on in the mind of the other party? Observing your ex-partner can give you a guideline on whether they are ready to be friends or it is better that they do not see each other anymore. If you know him deeply, you will know if he tries to flirt with you and return to the old habits of when they were together.

The friendship after a breakup is not for everyone. It is necessary to be very sure of the feelings that both have toward each other. Not everyone feels, sincerely, the desire to be friends with their ex without fear of falling in love again.

6 Questions you should ask yourself before being friends with your ex

Relationships are complex and breaks are even more difficult. Many times out of pity, affection or because we can not overcome it, we try to be friends with our ex. But it is a decision that you must be sure of and above all that you must take if you do not have any intention of returning.

That’s why iMujer brings you these questions on which you should reflect before making a decision about it. Do not miss it!

# 6 Why do you want to be friends with your ex?

Before making a decision you must be sure of the reasons why you want to do it. Many times if we are the ones who end the relationship, we feel guilty and we look for the other to feel better. Other times, we just want to maintain contact for love and most of the time is because deep down we have not overcome the rupture and we have hopes of returning.

Whatever the reason, you must analyze and reflect on it. It’s a bad idea to want to be her friend out of pity and it’s much worse to want to be her in order to conquer again.

# 5 Have you overcome it?

If you still think about him, you feel like seeing him, writing him and spending time with him, it’s a sign that you have not overcome him yet. If you think maintaining friendship will help you spend time with him, you should think twice. If he has really outdone you, it will be difficult for you to continue in the role of friends when you expect something more. You must make the decision if you are sure you do not want to return.

# 4 Do you feel jealous of him?

You may have overcome it and have no intention of returning to it. But have you overcome jealousy? Women tend to want what we can not have and it will not be easy to have a friendship and know about their new love life.
If you feel jealous of him it is better to avoid contact, do not you think?

# 3 Are you forcing the relationship?

It is logical to feel nostalgic for the years of relationship and the moments lived. But if they have finished and one of the two, or both, has felt very bad about it and just wants to overcome the other, follow the friendship would force the relationship when it is best to move forward.

Being a friend of your ex can be a great benefit as long as it is something that both really want. That is why they must be sure that it is not a whim and that they both feel the same.

# 2 How does he feel?

It may be that you no longer feel romantic about your ex and that you want to maintain the friendship because they understand each other and can get along. But, in addition to what you feel, you must take into account your perspective.

If he has not forgotten you yet, it’s not good to keep in touch. If he feels rancor or anger over how they have ended, it is also not good to insist on a friendship.

# 1 Are you 100% sure?

Before proposing or considering it, you must be 100% sure that you are capable of dealing with the situation, that you do not expect to return with it and that it will not bother you to know that it is going ahead and that it has another relationship.

If the two really do it because the love is bigger, they understand each other and do not want to lose what they have, so it’s a good idea. But first you must reflect on it and these questions will help you make a conscious decision.

What do you think? Can you be friends with an ex?

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