6 Beautiful Garden Ideas for Small Apartment Balcony

Those of us who live in buildings try to make the most of the only outdoor space we have: a small balcony . Therefore, we always look for the way to optimise that space and look nice (that for me means trying to turn it into a small garden).

Having a beautiful garden on a small balcony is possible and these tips will help you make the best decision to achieve it.

1. Plan how to use Space

To start, it would be very useful to consider how you want to use the balcony space. Think about where you want to put plants and how. If you plan to use the balcony to be there from time to time you should keep in mind that it is not full of plants, so you can move comfortably.

2. Choose the Best Plants for a Small Space

After you know how you want to use the space you have comes the best part: choose the ideal plants for the balcony. You can try herb plants like basil, rosemary, thyme, etc. (my favourite) or they could serve the flowers like lavender or hydrangea.

3. Do not invest in Small Pots

It is always best to buy some large and not many small pots. The reason is that plant roots will have more room to develop, which will make them grow healthier.

4. Think of a Garden that you can enjoy in all seasons

Try not to limit the plants you choose to a single season. This way you can enjoy the beauty of your plants during all seasons. You can mix plants that last more than one season with those that last only one.

5. Make Plants Grow vertically.

The best way to maximize a small space is for plants to grow vertically. To achieve this, you can take advantage of walls and trellises, you can also use some hanging pot .

6. Keep in mind the light and the wind

When choosing the floors, take into account the amount of light entering the balcony and its exposure to the wind. This can be used to make better decisions with the type of plants and the pots. Choose heavy pots if it is a windy place.

No matter how small the space you have, with creativity and disposition you can always leave it as you like!

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