“Ghost Fish” in the Deepest Ocean World

A fish looks identical strange specter was filmed in the deep ocean trenches in the world under the Pacific Mariana.

According to the Huffington Post, a fish looks ghostly, almost transparent, 10cm long appeared via video camera image at a depth of 2,4km in the deepest ocean trenches world Mariana, the western Pacific .

Okeanos Explorer, a ship of a Maritime Agency and the US National Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), filming fish through one of the means of remote control underwater.

“I am sure the fish under them Aphyonid. This is the first time a fish belonging to this family are caught alive, “Bruce Mundy, of ichthyology at the American National Fisheries Service (NOAA), said.

Mundy said it Aphyonidae kingclip Ministry (Ophidiiformes) includes creatures like eels Cusk. The scientists previously only discovered their corpse after being brought to the surface through deep-sea fishing boat or dredges mud.

The team aboard the Okeanos Explorer is conducting surveys in deep waters Marine Reserve Mariana Trench and northern islands of the Mariana Trench. The expedition lasts until 10/7.

The aim of the scientists is to find out the environment of live fish, mud volcanoes, mid-ocean ridge, corals and sponges in the deep, which had a clearer view of the harsh life in the groove the world’s deepest oceans.

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