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Google’s next-gen Nest Hub becomes a Health Monitor

Google's next-gen Nest Hub becomes a Health Monitor

Google is integrating all the health features borrowed from Fitbit and Google Fit into the second-generation Nest Hubs

When Google makes a move, it’s never an end in itself. In 2021, the Mountain View giant acquired Fitbit for $ 2.1 billion , a company known for its wearable devices for monitoring health and physical activity . For Google, the acquisition was the gateway to the wearable device market.

Big G has not dismantled anything, proposing the Fitbit catalog within its official store and continuing to develop the ecosystem until it absorbs all the know-how of the company that has made it possible to improve Google Fit , still separate from the Fitbit platform, and create the Pixel Watch , the first smartwatch entirely made by Google that will arrive in the fall. The Mountain View giant, however, has also exploited the knowledge acquired on other smart home devices, aiming to transform its Nest Hub into real health monitors thanks to the integration of Fitbit and Google Fit .

Fitbit and Google Fit arrive on Nest Hub

Last May, Google stepped up the integration of Fitbit and Google Fit, the company’s two health platforms, on the second-generation Nest Hub smart displays. All this is part of a broader process of integrating the new and anticipated Google Pixel Watch into the ecosystem of apps and services of the Mountain View giant.

Since then, users have been able to view all health and activity metric data (number of steps and calories burned, sleep information) from Fitbit and Google Fit on the smart display – data produced by users who own an Android smartwatch . (Wear OS) or Fitbit catalog .

Now we are witnessing a new evolutionary step in the integration process, with statistics that can be displayed directly on the home screen of the second generation Google Nest Hub : however, this is a novelty intended for users who register their smart display at preview program.

Health data in the Home

Thanks to this novelty, reported by the 9to5Google team , it is possible to insert new cards on the home screen of the second generation Google Nest Hubs , available in 2 × 2 format or in 2 × 1 format: the cards show a maximum of three different statistics at the same time (number of steps, calories burned, days of training) but the smart display will choose which one to show you (if one or all three) depending on the specific context (also linked to the time of day).

By tapping on one of the tabs, the weekly summary of the data will be shown, with the date range shown at the top left and the daily average highlighted within a circle in the top right corner.

To add the cards, simply follow the path ” Assistant settings> Wellness> Activities “, connect the Google Fit and / or Fitbit services and select which of the two should be active on the home screen of the second generation Google Nest Hub .


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