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Scientists Say Antarctic Halley VI Research Station will Remains Close in this Winter

The Antarctic continent is home to a large number of research centers in different countries and for the second consecutive year, British scientists must close theirs because of the danger of large cracks in their surface.

The experts in charge of the Antarctic base Halley VI decided to evacuate the staff and close the research center because of the risk posed by this fissure that grows in extension and would be related to climate change.

Climate change affects Antarctic Halley VI Research Station

Antarctica is home to a large number of international bases devoted mainly to scientific research and in one of them operates the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), which for the second year in a row had to evacuate its staff due to a threatening crack in the surface of the icy continent.

The BAS experts first relocated their research center located on the Brunt ice shelf in January this year, but the growth of the crack named Halloween by the date it was discovered made the work of the scientists and staff of the base was too dangerous.

The Halloween crack had remained unchanged for more than 35 years, allowing scientists from the British Antarctic Survey to conduct their research on climate and the effects of the hole in the ozone layer that is very strong in that area.

Jane Elizabeth Francis, director of the BAS and a scientist awarded for her research in the South Pole, said that this strong change in the scream Halloween is due to the unpredictable power of nature, something we have witnessed in recent years.

The work of BAS scientists has been key to understanding the effects of the impact of the sun’s rays on the planet in areas almost devoid of ozone protection, just one of the consequences of global warming.

The Halley VI base will remain closed as a precaution until the next Antarctic winter, which extends from March to November, although satellite image and weather monitoring of the area will continue.

Some of the staff of the British Antarctic Survey moved to other Antarctic bases while others returned to England to wait for the Antarctic winter to start again, but the future of this very important research center is uncertain at least in its current location.

A sample of how climate change affects the Antarctic continent, precisely where scientific research is carried out to understand the effects of this phenomenon caused by humans and that only promises to get worse.

Halley VI Research Station Video:

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