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Do You Know Cycling Can Reduce Your Stress Levels

It reduces the risk of stress by up to 52 percent if you use it four times a week and 20 percent if you travel only once.

More and more people use the bicycle as a favourite means of transportation to get around city. Its comfort and respect for the environment make the bike a useful and ecological alternative to conventional means. It is also practical and allows people to move more easily through the congested streets of the cities.

It’s not the only thing. Also, cycling is a good way to exercise and take care of your body health. A study by the Global Health Institute of Barcelona (ISGlobal) ensures that people who ride their bike to work at least once a week have a 20 times lower risk of stress compared with those who use other means Of transport. [ You may like to Read this: Science Proves that Women with Big Breasts are More Smarter ]

Meanwhile, users who travel by bike four times a week, reduce the risk of stress by up to 52 percent. Also, the probability of stress is less when the urban environment is more friendly with the use of the bicycle, such as facilities that have public stations or bike paths.

This is the first study that focuses on the relationship between cycling and self-perceived stress. We have a fairly stressed society and the findings of this publication point out that cycling can help reduce stress levels in the population, Says Ione Avila-Palencia, a researcher at ISGlobal and one of the authors of the study.

The research, which surveyed 800 people between 18 and 69 years old, is a good tool to take into account the multiple benefits of cycling in our daily lives, especially in large cities that suffer from problems such as pollution, vehicular congestion and overpopulation. What do you think? Lets Start Cycling today!! [ You may like to Read this: Drink 4-5 cups of Green Tea a day may reduce the risk of Cancer ]

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