Healthy Advantages of Sex

If you are consuming a lot of money to buy the anti-wrinkle cream, serum prevent aging, consider alternatives better skin beauty saves the purse: “Sex”

Of course, the experts do not encourage you to jettison cosmetics, but said that for maintaining a healthy sex life would have brought dozens of beauty benefits.

Here are the Advantages of sex for Hair, Skin, Sleep has been proven scientists.


Like the healthy physical activity other, sex improves the blood circulation, increase oxygen flow to the skin and other organs. “It also increases heart rhythms, which help the blood flow easily, helping bright and rosy white skin.” Joel Schlessinger – American dermatologist – said.

Reduce wrinkles

Sress bring terrible harm your skin. Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo – clinical psychologist – says that fact, hormones such as cortisol stress-related wrinkles. Activities bedding regularly, often can reduce the harmful effects of stress on your skin, especially if you are “on top”. Some evidence that estrogen liberated during orgasm increases collagen levels and improve the wrinkles on the body. “It also subtle boost human growth hormone, which helps soften skin,” says Schlessinger said.

Healthy Hair

The study pointed out that “sex” is not only good for regular skin, but also improve the ability to absorb nutrition and metabolism of the body.

“The rise of the vitamins and minerals necessary for hair, nails, stronger in the long run”, experts said Schlessinger.

Thin lips

It is interesting that in the course of blood circulation also helps the relationship fresh and your lips more plump. Schlessinger experts claim: “Sex increases heart rate, blood circulation causes. Increased blood flow makes lips look thinner. “
Good night

The biggest benefit that sex brings perhaps improve sleep, help you look fresh, more alert in the morning. It is thanks to oxytocin – also called hormone of happiness. “Oxytocin is also known as the hormone of love and filled with this substance in the brain when we have sex. This hormone is also brought comfort and sleepy after orgasm, “ Nicholas Sieveking, a medical doctor, said.

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