Healthy Benefits of Eating Chocolate

Scientists at Brigham Young University (USA) determined that an element called “epicatechin” discovered in Chocolates (cocoa) helps the human body to produce more insulin and control blood glucose levels, reports an article published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.

Researchers experimented with animals on a high-fat diet, whose diet added the above-mentioned element. The test showed that epicatechin decreases the level of obesity in animals and increases their ability to cope with high levels of blood glucose.

Thanks to the presence of this element, the beta cells (which supply insulin to the body) were strengthened and improved their functioning.

Jeffery Tessem, lead author of the research, explained the mechanism of this process: “What happens is that epicatechyndefining cells, increases their ability to fight with oxidative stress.” Epicatechin monomers make mitochondria in beta cells stronger , so they produce more energy, which then releases more insulin. “

Although many studies have already been done on this subject, it is now, with the research of Jeffery Tessem, that epicatechin monomers are shown to be particularly effective elements in the secretion of insulin.

Study co-author Andrew Neilson stated that the results obtained will help to effectively use this element in food products in order to maintain a normal blood glucose level, and will likely reduce or prevent the onset of diabetes of the second type.

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