How To Find and Stimulate The Male G-Spot

Stimulating his G-spot from the outside produces subtle sensations and a sense of anticipation, making him harder and hot for action. The main area of attack is the perineum or “taint,” which is the small patch of skin between the anus and the scrotum. The male prostate gland is located directly above the taint, which also houses a bunch of nerves wiring the anus and testicles.

1 Give him a little scratch. The male perineum is very sensitive to touch due to all the nerves located in the area. With the tips of your fingers, gently scratch his taint using a “come hither” motion. Make sure that the tips of your fingernails are barely touching his skin to make him feel an anticipating sense of pleasure. Use long, slow scratching motions starting near the anus and reaching the border of his scrotum.

2 The figure-eight. Using the soft pad of your fingertips, draw a figure-eight starting from his perineum behind the scrotum and drawing circles around the base of his penis, completing a figure-eight around his scrotum. Apply a little pressure this time and you’ll notice him getting harder. [ You May Like This: Foreplay tips: 15 Foreplay ideas to spice up your Sex life ]

3 Rubbing the genie’s lamp. This time, you’ll need to apply a little more pressure to his perineum. Using two fingers, gently rub the skin in a slow circular motion. You’ll start to feel the PC muscles tense and become taut, and he’ll become harder than ever.

4 Knocking on the back door. From his perineum, direct your stimulation towards the opening of his anus. Gently rub the rim of his anus using a circular motion while gently pressing the middle.

Going inside

This is the part where you might meet some resistance because it is a little “invasive.” But if he’s up to it, he may reap the rewards of an orgasm he hasn’t felt before. A little encouragement and assurance may help him to agree and who knows, he might even discover some sexual kinks hidden inside him. [ You May Like This: Men’s Morning Secrets That Every Woman Should Be Known ]

Just a few tips before you poke your fingers anywhere:

– Do some precautionary hygiene. Make sure that both of you are clean. Ask him to rinse properly, and trim your fingernails to avoid injury and infection.

– Ask his permission. As mentioned, this could get a little invasive, especially for guys. So only proceed if he really agrees 100 percent.

– Slick it up. He doesn’t produce a natural lubricant like you do, so lube up your fingers generously or use a lubricated condom.

– Always be gentle. You know how it hurts when he is accidentally too rough with you, so cut him some slack as well.

5 Taking the plunge. Using you middle and index fingers, gently pry his hole open and ask him to relax. Steadily put your fingers inside until you’ve managed to reach two inches deep. From there, massage the front wall of his insides *the wall facing his penis* until you feel a slight bump. Congratulations, you have found his prostate gland.

6 Come hither:  Just like what you did on his perineum, do the same “come here” motions using your fingers while applying a little pressure every time you move your fingers towards you. Take note of his reactions so that you can judge whether he wants you to do it a little faster or change into a circular motion.

7 Multi-task. Now that you’ve learned to locate his sweet spot, you can now finish him up with a combo. A good blockbuster ending can be achieved by stimulating him inside while giving him a deep blow job or a hand job. If you opt for a hand job, try to adopt a rhythmic pattern in stimulating both his penis and his G-spot until he orgasms. [ You May Like This: People Working In These Jobs Are Most Likely To Cheat On Their Partner ]

8 Triple treat. Be extra sweet to him and give him thrice the pleasure: stroke his shaft while you use your mouth to fondle the tip of his penis while your other hand gets busy with the moan zone. Another good surprise you can give him is to stroke his shaft and suckle his testicles while you pleasure him on the inside.

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