7 Interesting and Crazy Facts about Money

Money, Some say it does not make happiness, while others say that the world revolves around that. We are all struck by money and would like to have a little more of it. If you are one of those who earn to become millionaires, you need to learn these 7 curiosities about money that you probably did not know.

7. Making a Penny is more expensive than its value

penny is more expensive than its value


The penny is the lowest denomination currency in the United States, but it is also an important economic loss because it is more expensive to manufacture than the value it has. Making 1 cent costs 2, 4 cents, yet the coin is still being worked out.

6. Capuchin monkeys can understand the concept of money

Capuchin monkeys


In a country there is a popular saying “for silver dances the monkey”, and in the case of an investigation carried out with capuchin monkeys, it is true. Scientists wanted to see if it was possible to teach them the concept of money. The monkeys, very intelligent, understood that they could use the money to exchange it for something desired. What did they spend theirs on? They paid for other monkeys for sex.

5. 90% of the Money have Cocaine remains

money with cocaine


In the United States, it was found that 90% of the bills in circulation had some traces of cocaine. The amount of drug was so small that the person who had the ticket did not realize it, but it gives us lights about how the Money have alternative uses really popular and vicious.

4. The Economic Crisis of number 9

Economic Crisis of number 9


At the end of the eighties, there was a serious economic crisis in Burma, since its then president had the nine as a favorite number and on a simple whim, only allowed money that was divisible by that digit. The 100, 75, 35 and 25 kyat bills were eliminated and replaced by 45 and 90 kay paper. That madness by the number nine caused an economic collapse, followed by a popular revolt that lasted several years.

3. You can not Photoshop Money

Photoshop Money


If you are thinking of creating fake money, we tell you that it is not only illegal, but you will have to use an alternative program to Adobe Photoshop. This graphic editing software contains a recognition system capable of detecting images of money, preventing you from working on them or even opening them.

2. Money can make you Sick

Money can make you Sick


They say that greed is a disease, but owning it can also cause physical ailments since the bills carry viruses that cause flu to other conditions. The flu virus can live more than two weeks on a money and be considering how quickly it passes from hand to hand, it infects several people, not because they say that money is dirty.

1. In Guatemala, bird pens were used as money

Guatemala bird pens


In the past, Guatemala had a rather strange way of representing money, which is called a quetzal in honor of the country’s symbol bird. Although now the quetzales are in the form of bills or coins before it was different.

The ancient Mayans also used the quetzales, but these were exchanged in the form of feathers of that bird, each of which had a monetary value. The bird was not killed, but simply plucked a couple of feathers to let him go, an example of how the money is flying.

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