Interesting Surprises on the Men’s Sperm

The majority of sperm are deformed, men still have the ability to sex and childbirth if only one testicle, sperm also degenerate with age … are things you may not know.

Here is the pleasant surprise of the sperm of men:

Most abnormal sperm

People are not good at producing sperm. In fact, over 90% of the sperm of any public ejaculations are malformed. As the animals monogamous, our sperm do not need perfect because it usually does not have to compete against other guys sperm.

Time for a long sperm production

Although total sperm count is very large, the latest research shows that sperm takes more than two months to form.

Sperm shortage “caps” difficult to conceive

In the semen test is often seen as the conclusion: abnormal sperm deformity small head acrosomal … 99% do not have a hat Acrosomes face-down on the sperm head – essentially it is an effective enzyme smoking is like a magnet. Thanks to this cap that new sperm egg orientation and know where to towards it and cling to when having eggs for fertilization. So when a lack or absence of sperm will swim acrosomal the haphazard and despite having eggs would be themselves slipping away without sticking to it, since fertilization will not occur.

Only one testicle okay

If someone is born missing a testicle or lost due to the accident, that person can still have a normal child. In fact, the remaining testicle usually grow enough to compensate for the loss. Lance Armstrong – a cycling athletes world-renowned professional has had two children by natural conception despite losing a testicle cancer. However, in some cases, if a side testicular rupture or disease is not removed and self shrinkage may affect the remaining testicle. The reason is said to have become atrophic testis foreign body (antigen), so the body will produce antibodies against both testes and testicular atrophy healed.

Gay’s father and son

The Y chromosome is the chromosome make up the men’s masculinity. Every other chromosomes in the body is a combination of genes from the mother and father’s genes but no Y chromosome fusion styles. So a Y chromosome in men are molded from the Y chromosome from the father and and so on.

Degenerative sperm

Women are born with a full number of eggs they will have and in middle age, they have completed fertility. Other men. Sperm are produced continuously. And so, the quality of the sperm is also degraded a bit with age.

Enemies Anonymous

Was created late in the course of human development (until puberty are), sperm cells should also be attacked by your immune system, so they are not recognized. Fortunately, there are cells that surround and protect the sperm, so they are not attacked.

Sperm just transport vectors

We often think that every individual is a combination of eggs with sperm that form. But sperm without such an important role. In the process of in vitro fertilization, the researchers did a test, killing sperm and inject sperm into the egg was dead. The result, eggs are fertilized. Thus can be seen inside sperm DNA was the only thing needed eggs.

Sperm production plants need cooling

Because sperm is very weak, the testicles need to maintain the temperature around two degrees Celsius cooler than the rest of the body. That is why the testicles are hanging outside the body. When testicles shrink in cold weather, it just wants to get many more body warmth.

If all the sperm in an ejaculate are fertilized, can create a country’s population

Each ejaculation, only about half spoon of semen. Such is not much, right? But really, there are 200 million sperm in each ejaculation, and all of these are competing with each other to fertilize eggs. If all the sperm that are used, they will constitute 2/3 of the US population.

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