Only Introverted People will understand these 9 Situations Perfectly

Being introverted is not the same as being unfriendly. The introverts are quiet and feel more comfortable when they are in small groups, enjoy the silence and need to spend time alone to “Recharge” after being with friends.

Therefore, if you are an introvert you will know what it feels like to go through the following situations.

1. Elevators are Hell

Being a couple of seconds (which seem hours!) In complete silence and trapped in a small space with a stranger is a nightmare for an introvert. The worst: when the stranger tries to tell you about the weather.

2. Uncomfortable Conversations

Speaking of the weather Introverted people are characterized by their taste for deep conversations, they do not like to talk about inconsequential things, like weather or traffic, but sometimes they have to do it to be gentle. If you ever went through a situation like this you know the desire that the earth swallows you when someone starts talking about the rain.

3. Getting Home after Being with Many People

You spent the day working, you had a party, or you just had a very long class and all you want is to get home to be cuddled with your favorite blanket. If you have felt this way, then you know well that feeling of indescribable pleasure when you enter your refuge. Finally peace.

4. When you do not know anyone at a Party

A friend invites you to a party at home and when you go you realize that you do not know anyone. It is a very uncomfortable situation for everyone, but even more so for introverts. You hit your friend for the rest of the night and try to spend the night as well as possible, but you know you’ll only be there until you come up with a good excuse to leave as soon as possible.

5. You Cancel Plans because you need Time alone

If you already had plans you will invent some excuse to postpone them and stay at home watching Netflix or curled up with a good book. It’s not that you do not want your friends, it’s that, sometimes, you need to spend time alone to be able to recharge yourself.

6. When they ask you if you’re Okay

It is likely that this happened to you: you are silent and someone asks you “are you okay?” Or “why are you so quiet?” Many people confuse being introverted with being sad or being unfriendly, but you are not! You simply prefer tranquility.

7. Networking is Hell

Making professional contacts can open doors for new job opportunities, but introverts are not very good at doing this. It is not because they are unfriendly, but because they prefer to make deep friendships based on mutual appreciation, not a utility.

8. You live in your Head

They say that you live dreaming, in Narnia or in another world and we say: what’s wrong with that?

9. You think Everything

One of the negative things about being introverted is that you analyze everything down to the smallest detail and often you make interpretations of the facts that are not in accordance with reality.

If, for example, your date did not want to eat much, you immediately imagine a lot of scenarios in the head of why that was, that maybe it was because he did not want to be with you, or did not like what you were wearing, when in reality he just I had a stomach problem.

Being introverted is something very common, so, if you feel identified with these points, calm, you are not alone!

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