Law of Attraction: What it is, How it works and How to use it

Law of Attraction
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How it works and how to use the Law of Attraction, a subject as profound as it is complex and very rich

What it is and how it really works

First of all a name: Frederick E. Dodson. Then a key word: enthusiasm . And another: self concept . If we put these two words together we have to explain them. The key to success lies in the excitement of what you are doing. Maintaining a certain level of arousal allows us to increase our performance. This was said by Dodson, a scholar of the law of attraction and a great popularizer of the same.

According to these precepts, life should be lived as a continuous flow of energy that recreates and feeds itself. If I have a good self-esteem , I automatically get results and successes. But if even a tiny option lurks in my unconscious of not making it or not worth enough, I boycott myself. Through an energetic increase it is possible to increase the confidence in the ability to be at service, in your unique and peculiar way, for the community. This model applies to business, love life, relational spheres in general. If I want something, I guess I have it and I feel I deserve it. I can radically change my beliefs, achieve long-term financial stability.

Frederick E. Dodson states: «Wealth is not necessarily linked to the ‘work’ or the ‘time’ you dedicate to a particular activity: it is fundamentally linked to the value you create and the charisma or energy you radiate» . Success therefore depends on what you radiate and on the drive you have towards what you want. Among Dodson’s famous titles we find “Parallel Universes of the Self – How to Change Reality in the Multiverse”, a text that opens the vision of life as something magnificent, extraordinary, funny. It does not present man as a small powerless creature, who lives in need and in reference to a higher Creator, but as the infinite eternal being who continually creates himself and who lives in a multidimensional way.

The Law of Attraction, if studied well, allows us not to suffer life but to understand that in some way we attract what happens to us and we can take up the challenge and live in the Beauty of the value we give ourselves. If not lived in a chaotic or superficial way, but studied systematically, this law opens us to the fascination and admiration of life and also allows us to get what we want.

How to use it

First of all, it must be understood that mental problems and patterns are visible on the real level. The people around us are also manifestations of the degree of value we place on ourselves. If negative memories or thoughts of distrust come to mind, we can do what is called revision, energetically cleaning up the things we think are about the past. The great power of this law lies in making us live in the here and now with thoughts in line with who we want to be.

In the first place, therefore, it is very good to understand who we are and who we want to be feeling that we can now embody this figure in all its aspects. In doing this procedure we may encounter resistance, blocks. Let’s take an example: maybe I want to be with someone who is emotionally stable and I express this desire. While I do this, I may realize that I don’t really believe in it or that I don’t think I’m able to keep this expectation for various reasons. Maybe I start saying that things in the past have gone wrong and slowly I wonder why this time it should go differently. If we take the example with wealth, same thing. Maybe I decide to attract abundance, to feel worthy of wealth from a monetary point of view and as I do so I realize that deep down I don’t think I deserve abundance.

In the present, life makes possible what we want deep down and allows us to make things happen so that they converge towards what we want deep down. If we have even a small belief that we do not deserve someone who gives us total love, we will be content with just the crumbs. So, in the first place, this Law “forces” us to come to terms with what we think we are worth, what we think we deserve. And this modus operandi inevitably makes us review our behavior and those of the people around us; if we are certain that we deserve a lot, even if someone answers us badly, we do not react. We know how much we are worth and how much we are the pillar of our own life.

The beauty lies in not blaming anyone but starting to accept the things that happen to us . Little by little the desire to make dramas and to accept forms of disrespect of any kind are also diminishing. If you love yourself, you know what you are worth and you attract things to you that you deserve. When you attract something that does not resonate to you, you do not despair, but remain confident knowing that the Universe always does your good. We complain less, suffer less, have less fear and gain courage, strength, desire to intervene and not suffer life.

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