Legend of Treasure: Lake Toplitz (Part 1)

From the East to the West there are many legends about the treasures, stimulating the hunt from year to year. Since 1943, Lake Toplitz (Austria) was chosen by Nazi Germany as the site of the naval experimental base. Due to its particularly secluded location, it is believed that the Nazis gold train buried at the bottom of the lake a huge treasure trove of water from many countries.

Secret at the bottom of the lake

Lake Toplitz is located in the remote mountainous western Alps of Austria, with a depth of over 100m, surrounded by cliffs and jungle cliffs. It is also known as a dead lake because of the depth of 20m, the lagoon water and no oxygen, the fish can not survive.

In the years 1943-1944, the Nazis used Toplitz bases as test sites for explosives at various depths. They also torpedoed from the lake, cut into large holes on the cliffs. At the same time, Nazis began the Bernhard secret operation. The purpose of this campaign is to hit the economy of the allies by launching a large amount of counterfeit money.

Nazi Germany had made sophisticated counterfeits that were almost indistinguishable from real money and planned to spread them across allied nations, causing hyperinflation. If this campaign succeeds, it will have a significant impact on the fight. However, in 1945, just before the Bernhard campaign came to a decisive stage, the Soviet Red Army approached Berlin. The Nazi regime came to an end, and the Bernhard campaign ended.

Lake Toplitz sacred sacred water became one of the last strongholds the Nazis could escape. Witnesses said they saw the Nazis at first using military vehicles, then stowed away with large barrels of metal to Toplitz Lake.

Millions of pounds of counterfeit money along with printers and everything related to the Bernhard campaign were shipped to the boat and dropped to the bottom of Lake Toplitz. It is also said that with the motive of burying the secrets and storing the property from the enemy, the Nazis simultaneously poured Toplitz tanks of gold bullion, artwork and countless pearls. The treasures they have plundered from many countries throughout Europe, and also the notes on the confiscated property of the Jews.

Lake Toplitz

Lake Toplitz

Rush search

This rumor has inspired each expedition to Lake Toplitz to seek treasure, some mysterious death has occurred and many films, books inspired by the legendary Toplitz, but luck has not fallen yet.

To whom The lake bed is full of jagged trees, like a dirt road that makes the effort to dive into the bottom of the lake is extremely dangerous if not impossible. Two years after the end of the war, the US Navy diverted the treasure hunters, but one of their divers was trapped in trees and drowned.

In 1959, it was German turnout, this time it seemed more fortunate to find a printer with packs of £ 72 million fake. Gerhard Zauner, one of the divers who took part in the 1959 treasure hunt, recounted that he saw glimpses of submerged planes below the tree but inaccessible.

The discovery of counterfeit money boxes coincides with the speculation, prompting more people to take the risk of diving into treasure. In 1963, the Austrian government decided to issue a spontaneous exploration ban on Lake Toplitz after a case where a former SS officer led scuba divers to an illegal exploration and the diver drowned.

In 1983, a German biologist accidentally discovered more fake British money and many fascist missiles.

In 2000, a group of divers searched for dives for three weeks but all they got was a box full of beer bottles that seemed to have been deliberately thrown into the lake to pry the hands. Hunt treasure.

 Some experts say that gold is so heavy that it may have sunk deep into the mud beneath the bottom of the lake.

Some experts say that gold is so heavy that it may have sunk deep into the mud beneath the bottom of the lake.

In 2005, the Bundesforste State-owned Toplitz Lake Company signed a contract that allowed Norman Scott to hunt for American treasure for three years and divide the treasure if found. Scott announced that he had discovered new clues in the Berlin and Washington archives that he believed had gold under the lake. But, the treasures are still falling apart.

In 2009, CBS News hired Ocean Engineering to use Phantom robots dive deep into the lake. After many negotiations, they were allowed by the Austrian government within 30 days. However, even advanced technology has a defect because if the Phantom does not go deep, it will not be able to find the bottom of anything, but if it goes too deep, it will be muddy to cover up sight, or even Stuck there.

The dead lake also made it difficult for the crew to catch hail and a bolt of lightning hit the Phantom’s positioning system, causing it to malfunction. In the final attempt, they use a manned submarine to look at the clues Phantom finds before it goes wrong.

They have already obtained a mass of paper that has begun to decay. They are meticulously restored and identified as fake pounds. This finding reinforces the hypothesis that Bernhard’s secret operation is real, and the treasure is real. Some experts believe that gold is so heavy that it may sink deep in the mud beneath the bottom of the lake and be covered by thick, hard-to-detect wood, if it is found difficult to salvage.

to be continued…!!

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