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Lightning Mysterious Radio Waves from Space

The strange lightning radio waves are detected from the constellation Auriga lasting only a few milliseconds, the hypothesis raised by the aliens they emit to communicate with Earth.
The research team at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, discovered the lightning radio telescope in Green Bank, West Virginia, USA and Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, reported in Science News on 21/12.

Lightning Mysterious Radio Waves from Space

Lightning Mysterious Radio Waves from Space

“We discovered radio waves from 6 blink same source. 5 lightning waves collected by the Green Bank Telescope in the 2 GHz frequency, one at the Arecibo Observatory in the 1.4 GHz frequency, bringing the total number of lightning waves emitted from this source to 17 “, a team led by Paul Scholz head presented in the report published in the journal Astrophysics.

Although there are many recorded lightning waves, their origin remains a mystery to scientists. According to the team, regardless of the cause of the lightning radio is, that is not the only event taking place only once as explosions or collisions. Instead, they get the more likely the light flashing from a young neutron star, the core characteristics that remains after a star exploded, causing lightning wave.

“Although radio blink repeat or not, its characteristics play a very important role in helping us to understand the rapid transmission of radio waves between galaxies in a very short time,” the study authors comment.

In the blink of waves detected before, the astronomers were searching by organizations alien intelligence SETI (Search for extraterrestrial Intelligence) review to determine if that message of aliens or not.

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