7 Best Exercise for Mental Health

The technology through all their devices “smart” contributes indirectly to a mental laziness, because we require less and less of our mental abilities for certain functions, since of them they take care of the devices.

The positive side of all this, because there is, is the fact that we have at hand thousands of tools to incorporate in our day to day through technology, as an example of this is this article, published by Bigbang News through which it brings together seven practical exercises that stimulate brain work to improve mental alertness and exercise memory.

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Exercise 1

Pay attention to a part of your body. Choose the one that best suits you and think of it as many times as you can remember during the day: How do I have my head in place? High? Low? You will see that with the passage of the days it will be easier for you to remember this preliminary exercise and to realize it more often.

Exercise 2

When you notice that you remember the position of the chosen body part (arms, legs, trunk, etc.) many more times per day than when you started training, move on to the second stage: be aware of your body in motion What is the rhythm of my steps? Do I move my arms as I walk? And my breathing, does it follow the rhythm of my steps or does it have a rhythm of its own? When you walk from side to side, be aware of your displacement. Stay awake in each of your movements. Do not act, if possible, mechanically.

Exercise 3

Once you notice that the state of alert as to the position of your body improves, introduce a short positive thought, which you can mentally repeat by keeping pace with your steps or your breathing, if you are not walking. Something like “every day I get better and better” or “I care much more now”. Repeat it incessantly for the time when you can concentrate on it and you will see that, even though it is apparently distracted, somewhere in your mind the phrase continues to resonate. If you can help with melodic notes, as if you improvised a little song, You will notice that it is easier to become a pleasant and catchy singsong.

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Exercise 4

When you walk down the street do not get distracted by erratic thoughts. Try to remember how the people you left behind when turning a corner were dressed, or the color of the cars that just passed. How many red, or yellow, or gray? Was there a Negro?

Exercise 5

Reading one or two pages of a book interrupts reading for a moment and asks about data that has to do with what has been read. Remember facts that appear in the book, whether these scientific conclusions, names of characters, places, etc. And while you read think that you must pay attention, since you are going to question yourself. This will soon become a habit, and your attention will improve incredibly.

Exercise 6

Add this exercise to the previous one. What is the text of the last line of the previous page? Answer. Then take a brief look, in thirty seconds say how many words you think there is in it.

Exercise 7

Going to bed mentally review the actions of the day, but backward. So you must first remember the last thing you’ve done, what would it have been? Undoubtedly lie on the bed. How did you do it? Be thorough. The more details you remember about your actions, the better.

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