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Microsoft has an application that allows Farmers to Chat with Cows

The AI-Based Artificial Intelligence application on the website was officially launched with the goal of helping the poorest farmers to “communicate” with their animals through A smartphone. Founder and application designer, Eddie Rodriguez Von Der Becke confidently states, “This is the next step in technological progress.”

These bots are based on A I of Tambero will analyze the condition of the animals in the input parameters and interact with farmers, reminding them of the time of vaccination, feeding, breeding times as well as the Useful information to improve their health.

Currently, the new system only works by text message but will soon be updated to the ability to pronounce later this year. As a result, farmers can look up information about their livestock by saying, “How are you feeling? Are you hungry? When was your last vaccination?”

During the testing period, many farmers around the world recorded a third-fold increase in milk yield. “With the help of Microsoft, we came up with the idea of ​​creating an AI capable of analyzing human language. It connects with another AI that analyzes animal behavior. ”
More than half of the world ‘s population does not have access to the Internet, meaning that connectivity is a big challenge for creative solutions , ” said Peggy Johnson, Microsoft vice president of enterprise development. For.

“By using state-of-the-art technology as well as coordinating with local business owners who understand the community’s needs, we hope to find a sustainable solution that will last for many years.” Peggy 

The new system only works with text messages but will soon be updated with voice capabilities later this year

The new system only works with text messages but will soon be updated with voice capabilities later this year’s main goal is to share agricultural experiences around the world to improve milk production and further improve the livelihoods of cattle farmers in the poorest countries in the world.

This application now supports all mobile platforms, desktops or laptops, regardless of configuration. “Dairy cows sometimes talk more interesting than some of my friends” – Von Der Becke satirizes on his personal Facebook.

Thus, language barriers have been blurred by a very simple and effective solution. In addition, as an open source application, not only helps users share their language but also their own experiences, especially those not supported by Google Translate.

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