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10 Most Funny Mistakes in Disney Movies You haven’t Notice

Making an animated movie is not anything. It takes thousands of hours of work and the talent of many people to achieve it. In the midst of all this effort, it is almost impossible that no follow-up error should appear. Of course, these details are minimal and do not ruin the plot, but they do not go unnoticed by those who are good observers.

We share a compilation of some errors in the Disney tapes, which you probably had not noticed. No way, this happens even in the best movies and the magical world of Disney is no exception.

1. Tangled

In this scene, Fynn is chained to a pole, but when he caresses Rapunzel’s face with his right hand, in the first frame we can see that he has no chain on his wrist. However, a moment later, the chain appears again.

2. 101 Dalmatians

Pongo removes his hat from Roger and leaves it on the bench where Anita is sitting. Moments later, the girl retires with Perdita and the hat is still there. Pongo and Roger approach and he does not take his hat, he leaves it on the bench. When Pongo runs to Anita and entangles the two humans with his chain, Roger takes off his hat to apologize. Where did he get it from !?

3. Pinocchio

This Disney classic also has a small continuity error. When the little living doll discovers the fire, he gets so much attention that he decides to touch it with his left hand, so one of his fingers starts to burn. Geppetto runs to help him, takes his right hand and submerges it in the fish tank to extinguish the flame. So in what hand was it?

4. Beauty and the Beast

Prince Adam, in his ‘beast’ mode, is not very used to eating with a spoon, so during a meal with Bella, he ends up with a dirty face. However, a second later we can see it without a trace of food on its fur. How quickly it was cleaned!

5. Intensely

At the beginning of the film, when Riley is a baby, we can see the silhouette of his mother and it is clear that he is wearing glasses. However, when we see the scene from another angle, she no longer has them.

6. Toy Story 3

As we know, Andy has a great imagination, so he chooses Lord Potato Face to represent a villain, One Eye Bar. In the scene that the child imagines, the doll has a patch on his left eye. In real life, he does not have it, but we can see what that eye is missing. So far so good, it’s about the creativity of the little one.

When Andy’s mom comes with the camcorder to his son’s bedroom, he continues to interact with his toys and his younger sister. However, in the next scene the boy shows the camera to Woody and Mr. Papa’s Face, but now he has both eyes!

7. The Little Mermaid

It is one of the most romantic scenes in the film when Ariel’s friends try to help her to kiss with Prince Erik. While the couple is in the raft we can see that she is combed with a half pigtail, but when their shadows are reflected in the water, it seems that the girl has a ponytail.