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Mysterious Aliens: Confronted by Humans (Part 2)

Many people, including leaders and scientists who are world famous not only believe that the existence of Alien life, But also believe that they have repeatedly visited the earth by UFOs.

Throughout history, many of the encounters between humans and the UFO was recorded, which has been validated in the declassified documents. The crowd witnessed Service If someone said they saw the UFO, it is thought that they lied. But what if multiple people said so about the same issues. Early on 01/06/1853, many teachers and students Burritt School, Tennessee (United States) was amazed to see two bright objects found floating in the sky.

According to GS. A.C. Carnes, who then reported the matter to the Association of American Studies, a smaller UFO shaped moon, other UFOs have a massive star formation. We constantly change shape and size within 30 minutes.

“The students asked the teacher, but both the principal and the teachers will not answer” Prof. Carnes wrote. He also said the two UFOs appeared humidity made the air dense than usual.

Dated 04.17.1897, at about 6 am, residents of small towns in Texas Aurora had been awakened by the arrival of a “spaceship”, according to the Dallas Morning News. The ship crashed into a windmill, the debris splashed everywhere. “It is believed that on board only one pilot, his body was deformed, but intact pieces made people think he is not a resident of this world” – the newspaper writes. The bodies of creatures on this UFO was then buried in the town cemetery.

Meanwhile, authorities in Los Angeles rooms that had happened a “fight” with UFO on the day 02.25.1942.  UFO radar detection Los Angeles 1 120 miles to the west. He quickly closed the gap a few miles away and disappeared. Then, an artillery officer at the coast reported that 25 high-altitude flying objects around 7.600m.

A few minutes later, others see a ball like objects flying through the train carrying Santa Monica. Then the air force found a “cloud” flying objects at different heights at speeds up to 200 miles / hour. Fearing the city was attacked by Japanese troops (who was effected in the World War 2), they fired off 1,400 rounds of ammunition into the UFO, but they all like shooting into nowhere. A large skirmish on May 8/2016 recently, when many UFO shaped like the inverted pyramid hovering over the pyramids in Egypt, attracting the attention of many people . This video was videotaped Section 51 channels on YouTube. This skirmish reminiscent to a bibliography of ancient Egypt when Pharaoh Thutmose III reigned, there comes to UFO appeared in 1480 BC.

The Declassified documents

To date, as prescribed by law, confidential documents of governments and authorities about UFOs and aliens in turn be declassified. Through this the declassified documents, can confirm UFO and the alien life is not about “bullshit” as long had been thought. For example, in the document declassified 1,900 pages thick of the Spanish Defense Ministry announced last year, has recorded many cases touching filling, detecting UFOs in this country from 1962 to 1995 year. The first event is recorded occurred in 1962 in San Javier, while the last event was in 1995 in Morón. In particular, highlight the services in Ferrol, on 02/04/1966. Meanwhile, one jailer and 2 crew saw “a massive object in the sky every 5 minutes to change shape once”. 30 minutes later, a different crew also saw a similar object hovering over a radio area in Naron.

In the United States, recently the state agencies like the CIA, FBI or NASA also published respectively declassified documents about aliens. Recently, according to the CIA’s secret documents, about 21 am on 19.02.1968, one bright object moving at high speed across the sky flying northeast Nepal and northern Sikkim.

Foreign body elongated shape, emitting rays of red and green. Sounds like thunder emanating objects seconds after appearing. 3 days later, in Thimpu, Bhutan’s capital, it was discovered strange objects moving at high speed does not make a sound, but emits blue light. Not long after, the same day 4/3 years, 1 UFO was detected moving from east to west near Chang La Pass of Ladakh, flew over the Indian air bases in the region. The CIA said the white object and accompanied by two explosions, in addition to red light followed by white smoke. Notably, on 25/3 the same year, one giant metal objects round, wide-soled high of about 1.2 m to 1.8 m and are found inside craters in Baltichaur, 8km from the city of Pokhara in Nepal northeast. The object appears with white light and two large explosions.

Earlier, May 11/2016, the FBI also announced the secret documents relating to aliens. Documents record details the role of the FBI in the investigation of the aliens was carried out from 1947 to 1954 year.

Documents have shown Eight characteristics of the aliens:

  • They perform the tasks of peace and enjoy our planet.
  • Alien to Earth looks like a human but a lot bigger.
  • They came from their world.
  • UFO emits energy.
  • They come from far away planets we do not know and can not get to.
  • Bodies and spacecraft of aliens solidified itself as coming to us.
  • Then they disappeared into the sky, leaving no trace, no one sees anymore.
  • They do not come from the celestial world, but corresponding with Talas.anh Lakas or crystal.

In 2016, the self-propelled camera NASA has repeatedly scored UFO images in the universe.

For example, in July the real-time transfer photos from NASA’s SOHO spacecraft has repeatedly showed the UFO appeared near the sun. SOHO spacecraft was launched into space in May 2/1995 project between NASA and the associated European Space Agency (ESA), which aims to study the sun. Since then, many SOHO offers photographs showed the unidentified flying object around the sun. But NASA has yet to have any feedback on the findings.

To be Continued..!!

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