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Mysterious Aliens: Tracking History of Aliens (Part 1)

NASA astronaut Leroy Chiao veteran, who served as commander of the International Space Station (ISS) has completed four missions in space, walking six times in space, has confirmed the aliens are in the Universe. 

And of course, He was not the only one who thinks so. The mention of aliens seems to be the problem throughout human history. And recently, the declassified documents of governments also confirmed this in the archaeological site.

In 1973, one group of masons in Aiud( a City in Romania) 3 bodies found at a depth of 10 meters under the ground in which two objects are fossilized animal bones, the remaining objects Metal furniture look like real human production and ax-like blade. According to test results, metal objects made from 12 to 90% metal is aluminum, dating back 250,000 years.

This is really detect concussions because people only know the production of aluminum metal about 200 years ago. What makes the experts are confused concave metal blocks like a division of complex mechanical systems. Many hunters unidentified flying object (UFO) that this object was a fragment of a flying saucer, evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations visited Earth in the past. Currently this object is being exhibited at the Museum of History Cluj-Napoca with the note “unknown origin”.

In Chhattisgarh (India), people discovered the graffiti on the rocks dating back about 10,000 years ago, which described the strange life forms, suspected aliens and UFOs. Archaeologist JR Bhagat said: “These findings show that the prehistoric man had seen or imagined life forms from other planets. The drawings in Chhattisgarh with natural color not fade over time time. there were drawings of strange life forms, things like holding a weapon. they have no eyes and nose. In some form, they are drawn are dressed in astronaut space. We feel confused that prehistoric people can imagine that. “

Scattered around the world, it also found a lot of artifacts or pictures aliens and UFOs dating back thousands of years.

For example, Archaeologists recently discovered 350 artifacts, strange drawings shape aliens and UFOs in the Mayan pyramids in Mexico. These artifacts are identified, dating more than 2,000 years. Some researchers suggest that through contact with aliens should have a new Mayan civilization developed so ahead of its time. Pech Merle Cave in France, it was discovered rock drawings dating back 20,000 years described like objects flying saucers and aliens. At Top Kimberley, Australia, there are drawings dating back 5,000 years to the same person called Wandijina Aboriginal, or “heaven”. The characteristic of this breed is the first person to, 2 big eyes, exactly what one imagines aliens.

According to Aboriginal legend, Wandijina who have superpowers, like the gods they worship. Cave Tassili (Algeria desert), the images date back to 8,000-10,000 BC describes the bizarre with the round head and the body does not have the specific shape, drift floating in space, even unusual costumes and hats just like the astronauts of today.

42 years ago, a French company had imported uranium ore from Oklo, Gabon Republic (Africa). However, they found that this ore was extracted on site training. It contains 0.3% uranium-235, uranium ore while naturally contain up to 0.7% uranium-235. So did the other 0.4% go? At locations found above the uranium ore, it was discovered that an underground nuclear reactor is extremely advanced, exceeding the level of our science today. Check evidence that this nuclear reactor dating back 1.8 billion years old. And it has been operating about half a million years.


It is believed that much of the historical character encountered aliens. In the 41st in the book “Ten portable sign” from the years 259-210 BC

Qin Shihuang recorded: “There is a nation of strangers, as the spiral shape, the immersion is not sinking. This high Ethnic 10 size (about 2.3 m), the outside is coated with feathers. They have a special energy self glow in the evening . Qin Shi Huang was treated very open to this ethnic group, even the emperor was regarded as the ones they like. When asked who is it? Qin Shihuang only answer a single question: it is the gods “.

Although there is still much controversy about this passage notes, but many scientists and historians believe that ethnic Chinese this is strange aliens helped Qin Shihuang unified galaxy, built the Great Wall of school city, building hydropower, palatial monumental tomb.

Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French genius is also believed to have met aliens. Since after his death, the archaeologists discovered a strange object in his skull. Foreign body was discovered embedded in the skull of Napoleon like a tiny microchip, half-inch long. From the level of the bone growth around the IC, PhD. Andre Dubois believe that it was first implanted in Napoleon when he was young.

The era of the Emperor Napoleon could not have invented the advanced and modern as the IC. Thus the origin of this IC is how? Back in history, in 1794, when Napoleon 25 years old, he had disappeared a few days. Since the mysterious disappearances, Napoleon up a career skyrocketed.

Only one year later, he was in charge of arranging the royal French army in Italy. Oddly enough, he can train an army of hunger, mental sluggishness and merges into a fighting force peak, hundred battles hundred wins, especially in the fight to defeat the Italians. After a series of surprising victories, Napoleon was crowned emperor, the country is rapidly expanding and troops invaded Prussia (now Germany), Austria, Switzerland and Denmark.

“Perhaps, the IC has advanced the thinking ability and leadership helped Napoleon had extraordinary memory, mental flexibility, with the ability to read quickly the thoughts in my head for recording secretary, the same read more at the secretariat on various issues “- Dr. Dubois commented.

Circuit conduct research, they discovered a tiny ray of continuous wave signals transmitted strange, affect the human brain. This wave radiation can affect the brain of Napoleon, that he always had nerve problems, often outrageous actions like anger suddenly became depressed then.

to be Continue…!!

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