7 Things You Should Never Give Up in a Relationship

Someone has to concede. It is the name of a popular movie and also a kind of summary of what relationships are

if you want it to prosper, sometimes you have to give your arm to twist. But there are things that you should never give up: aspects so typical of your personality, individuality, and independence that no relationship should take away from you. Here are some of them.

Your Decision PowerDecision Power

Relationships are not about authority and obedience. The idea is to reach agreements with love and respect. Do not give a third party the power to decide on your growth and happiness. There must be room for you to do what is right for you, even if the other does not agree. Listen, but do not lose your inner voice. Never apologize for your feelings or you will betray yourself.

Your Own Loveown love

Never get involved in a relationship marked by insults and physical or verbal abuse. You should feel emotionally and physically safe with your partner. No one should take away your dignity, your self- love, your presence and your confidence in yourself.

Your FreedomYour freedom

You should never lose the freedom you have when you are able to do what you want. While it is normal to make some sacrifices for the person you love, you should never feel that you are not in control of your own life. Love should be about two people celebrating the other while allowing themselves to be the way they are. No one should feel trapped in a relationship.

Your DreamsYour Dreams

An ideal relationship consists of two people with the same mission, supporting each other at each step. Or in two people with different dreams, but receiving the impulse of the other. If the other does not support you in what you dream, leave the relationship. What you want to achieve is what makes you who you are and you do not need someone to force you to abandon your goals.

Your Ability to be YourselfYour ability to be yourself

Protect who you are and your personality. It is normal to change a little in relationships, but be careful that it is not too much because you could get lost in the process. Who loves you will adore who you really are, with everything and your imperfections. If someone tries to change you constantly, it will end up hitting your self-confidence and demoralize you.

Your Friends and FamilyYour friends and family

No one can distance you from the relationships you had before you met him. We all need social interactions and contact with friends, family, and people to whom we have an appreciation. Having a life outside of the relationship is healthy.

Your PrivacyYour Privacy

It is important to be completely transparent and honest in your relationship, but that does not mean that your partner has the right to check your phone, emails and social networks as if he were a maniac. And much less than I forbid you to have them. Respect your privacy

A relationship is not a prison. If you’re not happy, let her go.

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